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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Eater of Worlds
Well, Reese would be able to see a few hills nearby, before they lead into the mountains, so he could go that direction and try looking for either a building, cave, or other type of shelter there.
“Or we end up without shelter again but farther from any resources necessary to build one.”
“Lily, we’re not going to build a stick fort. And besides, a little rain wouldn’t kill you.”
“Um, let’s just go.”
*Reese starts to walk towards the hills*


Eater of Worlds
Well, once they reach the hills, and begin heading a bit deeper into them, they'll find something, but I'll leave a bit more time for conversation if desired.
“Well, if it’s nearby we’ll have to get a better vantage point.”
*Madeline floats up into the air, getting high enough to be able to see for quite a distance in every direction (Though since the only actual blockages of vision would be trees that wouldn’t be very high). Either way, she’s going to try to find their destination*

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“Yeah. I mean, assuming there isn’t some flesh-eating monster in there.
“Did you really have to say that?”
“Oh come on, even if there was a beast in there you’d be fine.”
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