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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Torch God
The ferryman stumbles and then somersaults backwards, landing with his spear facing Wobble.

He stabs the spear tip into the ground, using it like a vaulting pole and then sitting atop it, crouched perfectly still.
Wobble freezes the spear into the ground, and then flails around.
(GTG for half an hour


The Destroyer
Dark, while looking ahead, eventually sees... a really large clearing. As Dark, Wave, and Twilight exit the forest, they can see that the clearing consists of a bunch of flat ground with patches of tall grass here and there. The three could also see a few mountains in the distance, the closest of which, upon closer inspection, will turn out to have exactly one cave, at ground level. And now it's late afternoon, with a few clouds here and there.
(If this shouldn't be possible because of other geographical features around the forest we eventually decided as a group that we're in, please correct me.)
(ehh, all I can say is Burst is going to find a way to catch up, but anyway now I'm just going to commit think, if you need me or my character for anything, tell me)


Torch God
Wobble summons a curved dagger and poofs behind the ferryman.
The ferryman flipped forward and drew his spear whilst doing so, seeming to shatter the ice with ease for such a frail looking thing. The tip of the spear would slice wobble vertically if it didn’t move.
*|Meanwhile, Burst would be panting, trying to recover from having his hand frozen, stabbed and having to deal with the chase, although he isn't done, he's just trying
to rest.|*
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