IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Wall of Flesh
Rune would explain what each device there does, and the reason for it.
Some of the devices would simply be cutting, drilling, and such devices for, well, cutting, drilling, and such.
There would also be devices to heat/cool stuff, because that can be a relevant thing when working on things sometimes.
The device that affected Lukas would also be able to go the other way, and basically just exists because it's easier to work on a bigger piece of material as opposed to a smaller one.
There's also some things to basically hold things in place to be worked on, both magic ones and non-magic ones, where the magic ones basically just float the thing in place while the non-magic ones just physically hold the thing.
Then there would also be devices to help attach pieces of things to one another.
And lastly, devices that change things from one material to another, because that's easier than just getting the right materials.
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