IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

"What was that about?"

The Swaasnia forces would begin moving into a formation once they have all arrived at a point some distance from the south end of the city.
H: <...looks like they're getting ready...>
The human looks around, noticing one caster on a nearby building just about finishing up their ritual. Embers of flame start gathering around them.
<...fortunately, so are we...>

The white cloaked diviner, meanwhile, looks up at the sky.
W: <...why do I get a bad feeling all of a sudden...?>
...The white cloaked diviner then shakes their head, and starts experimenting a bit with what they can perceive with their boomerangs...

Higher officer at the strategising table: "...ma'am, I think we should get a portal open for bringing in reinforcements."
"And risk giving the enemy direct access to the heart of the main base?"
R: "...we might need more people to make sure we win."
"...look, I'll consider it, alright? But not yet."
"...where's Kel, anyway?"

Vex walks off to go look around the base for this 'Kel'.

Dark sits down by the fire again.
"Hm...some proof that Daybreak does in fact exist isn't exactly going to be easy to come by..."
"..hm. Would make recruiting others not so trusting of our word easier..."
"This'd be ten times easier with a :red:ing camera."
"...hey, wait. Don't you have your phone, Dark?"

"Basically all of my stuff in my storage portal disappeared once I came to this world. Besides my pets."
"Of course."
"But the resistance is fighting an organization called Daybreak."
"Are they allied with Swaasnia?"
"...no, I haven't heard any mentions of them when I joined."
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