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Texture Pack Random Modified Assets Not Loading in 1.4 Texture Pack

EDIT 2: It turns out I did have some sprites a little too big for some reason. They were odd numbers, yet I clearly remember copying the modified sprites onto the base sprites. Make sure to quintuple check your dimensions!

Hello fellow resource friends. I come bearing a strange (to me) problem. I've made a few modifications to random NPCs just to play around and practice my spriting skills, and I've been putting them into the game thanks to the resource packs that were added...whenever that was (I genuinely forgot when). With how easy it is to manage and upload them, I thought I'd crack a whip and try my hand at it. I've made a few small texture edits here and there, and they turned out surprisingly well. One's even got a ton of subscribers, to my amazement. Not letting my foray into resources be a one-and-done deal, I decided to just pick at random which NPCs to make edits for. I did this using a random number generator to avoid any bias. So far, I've managed to get about 7 NPCs working and properly implemented with new sprites. It's a wonderful feeling! However, there's always a thorn on every rose, and I've got a few thorns here.

First up is gore. All of my previous entries were NPCs. When things die, they have gore. Bloody, messy bits. The good stuff! For completion's sake, the random NPCs I roll also get updated gore sprites, because that's lazy if I skip on that. Finding the gore is the hardest part since there's so much to sift through, and even the edgiest edgelord would tire of sifting through so much gore for a needle in a meat pile. With that in mind, I rolled the shark as my first RNG pick. I worked on it and ended up with a sprite I liked, and prepared the gore and NPC sprites. I made certain to stick with the sprite size, and prepared to test those sprites. The modified shark sprites show up in the bestiary and in the wild, hooray! However, when I kill the new shark, vanilla gore pops up instead of the gore I made. This is strange, since I've done gore before and it worked just fine in my other edits. I couldn't figure out how to get this to stop happening, so I took a break and did another RNG pick.

Second one is a real head turner. I rolled the crawdad, an NPC you RARELY ever find. There's two of them as well, with one being red and the other blue. I found the matching gore sprites, and began my work. I quite enjoyed making this sprite, and I was very eager to see it in the game. I named everything correctly, I kept to the appropriate dimensions, and so on. I load up the texture pack with these crawly crustacean chumps, and go hunting. While waiting for a long time, I checked the bestiary and saw that the new red sprite was loaded and working. It made me happy to see it scuttle along. Eventually, I found a wild blue crawdad, but it was in its vanilla look and not my modified one. I killed it, and surprise; my custom gore showed up for the blue one. WHAT. I couldn't find a wild red one, but I assumed it would have the same problem. I couldn't figure out what was causing this, and I never did find a red one. So, round three of RNG picks to lighten the mood.

Third pick was the Sharkron minions that Duke Fishron spawns. This was a repeat of the shark; bestiary and wild sprites work, but gore was vanilla. I was screaming internally at this. Then it hit me; the sharks load fine other than their gore, but the crawdads load everything but the wild sprites. How in the world did this happen?

The files for the gore and NPCs are as follows;
- Gore_89 (Shark head)
- Gore_90 (Shark body)
- Gore_91 (Shark dorsal)
- Gore_92 (Shark tail)
- Gore_577 (Sharkron dorsal)
- Gore_578 (Sharkron tail)
- Gore_579 (Sharkron head)
- Gore_583 (Sharkron body)
- Gore_735 (Crawdad red claw)
- Gore_736 (Crawdad red eyes)
- Gore_737 (Crawdad blue claw)
- Gore_738 (Crawdat blue eyes)
- NPC_65 (Shark)
- NPC_372 (Sharkron)
- NPC_373 (Sharkron) -- Why are there two different Sharkrons, anyway?
- NPC_494 (Crawdad red)
- NPC_495 (Crawdad blue)

The TL : DR of this is that my shark gore doesn't load, and my wild crawdad sprites don't load. I've got them all named correctly according to the extracted files, and they are the correct dimensions. What's going on here, and how do I fix it? This didn't happen with any other sprites I've done (so far, anyway).

EDIT: Happened again with another texture edit; sprite shows up just fine in the wild and in the bestiary, but the gore is not working. That marks two enemies with missing gore and one with a missing wild sprite.
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