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PC Random Pixel on this specific hairstyle


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used

This hairstyle has a pixel behind the eye, at first i tought it was one of my resource packs but it stayed after i removed them.
EDIT: Also found the same pixel on this hairstyle


It COULD be sideburns. That bit of hair between your eye and ear. Sometimes people have naturally long sideburns, or if someone can grow a beard, then they might choose to leave extra sideburns made up of their beard hair, as part of a hairstyle.

But even if it IS sideburns and intentional, then it should be darkened, since it's overlapped by the main hair in both of these styles.

And if it's NOT intentional, then of course it'd be nice for it to be erased. It almost looks like eye-shadow makeup, which many people may not want.


i now want eye-shadow makeup
Hehe, honestly, makeup WOULD be a neat addition. Maybe carrying a makeup bag in your inventory would let you create and wear a style (various colors, types of makeup like eye shadow, lipstick, blush, etc), and you could Favorite a few combinations. If you die, then you lose your makeup by dropping your makeup bag (in a drop-your-inventory difficulty, it falls with everything else. In the drop-your-money or easier difficulty, then it just drops at your feet when you respawn). So like any true diva, you gotta pull yourself back together and reapply your makeup.

Maybe you can put dyes in there to influence which colors can be used? And maybe there's a waterproofing material you can add to it as an accessory, otherwise your makeup might wash off in the rain or water (though some may find that too much of a hassle).

Heh, random ideas when we put our minds together! :dryadgrin:
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