tModLoader Randomizer - Challenge Mod


Current version: 1.0

NOTE: If the mod is unstable or won’t start in singleplayer, try playing on multiplayer. If you still want a singleplayer experience, play on a private LAN world.

About the mod
The Terraria Randomizer mod is a small project that I undertook in order to learn how to make a mod for Terraria. I have uploaded a small series of devlogs to my YouTube channel if anyone is interested:

What does this mod feature?
This mod is a challenge mod that is supposed to make normal gameplay more difficult by randomizing some elements of the game.

-Mobs have a 60% chance to be randomized on spawn. NOTE: If a mob succeeds in being randomized it has another 33.3% chance of becoming a hardmode mob if the player(s) has not yet entered hardmode. This is because there are far more hardmode mobs that may make the game impossible to play whenever the player starts out.
-Chests are randomized with other chest items - though some balance does exist.
-Multiplayer support.

GitHub: JamSnack/TRandomizer-Mod

Download: Dropbox - Randomizer.tmod - Simplify your life
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fun way to play the game and enjoy it a bit more when you've become a god at terraria :p I approve. I can't wait to see what mods you come up with in future, keep up the effort :)
Does this mod work with other mods that add content to the game or will it only work with the base game?
It may work with other mods, however the mobs that spawn are among a small pool of hardcoded enemies. What this means is that a modded enemy, if it is replaced, will be replaced always by a vanilla enemy.
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