Rat Pets, Vermintide Crossover idea and Trading Card ideas (Rat pet is the most important to me)


If the name wasn't obvious, this thread of ideas will involve rats. Do be warned.

RAT PET--------------------
I was thinking just a rat pet that can be used, maybe like a block of cheese is the item, and when the rat follows in hot pursuit, it gets a little cheese-mobile, and if you are flying and he follows, the rat could get held up by its tail spinning really fast, cartoon style. Something Rat related.

EDIT: Also just a little addon to the rat, can the rat have a small backpack, so he works similar to Chester from the Don't Starve Crossover, but maybe it is its own individual storage, and you cannot remove the pet until its inventory is Empty. Eg, removing the piece of cheese, doesn't remove it and you get a text prompt "Cannot remove pet with items in its inventory" or something, so it has a bit of utility, but also not as free formed as Chester crossing with a piggy bank.

Or make it a summon pet.

RAT LIGHT PET--------------------
Much like that maybe a rat that walks around with a stick with a lantern on the end of it, so it could be a light source pet.

Even more, but this one could be hard since it might be a potential cross-over that would like 99% never happen. but a crossover with Vermintide 1/2 and Fatsharks content.
Maybe a new event that is similar to the old ones army, but works the other way, when an event starts, you fight a bunch of waves that will go after you, and once you finish those waves you have to fight a boss (Rat Ogre/StormFiend), and then destroy something (Skittergate). Have all they types of enemies including the Chaos warriors and such. 1/2 weapons from all of the characters in Vermintide and some cosmetics perhaps. but all in all. Just a rat pet that can follow us around would be nice. Just a suggestion, thank you for reading. If anyone wants to give suggestions, or anything, go for it I just threw out an idea that I think would be cool.

Another little (I say little but it seems like a lot of work). I see it in a couple of mods for other games, Namely Minecraft (BuddyCards) and Project Zomboid (Trading Cards).
But I thought since the collectors edition came with cards when it once existed (Still wish we could unlock the bunny with a DLC code so it is bound to our Steam account, not the disc, Lost that many years ago)
But have a card system with like a display and some cool trading aspect (Drawing a lot of inspiration from the BuddyCards Mod).

- Have different packs you can find from different things (Certain packs from different Biomes featuring certain enemies, Maybe feature common Weapons from that area Eg. Corruption card is the Musket, or Jungle Biome shows the full Jungle Set of Armor.) Maybe Events or from Chests.
- A display system where you can have them on a wall and you can hover over them like a sign and see the cards.
- Along with a Display System have some binders if you like to have stuff on the go and want to show them to people without needing to go home to a wall.
- Grading System, Grinding for some cards looking for a good Grading to see if you can get a rare card then your friends, of just filling out a full shelf with Special Shiny Cards.
- Pack Opening, you don't just find the cards randomly you will find packs eg. Corruption Card Pack, open it up then you get the cards.
- New NPC, Buy card packs, sells card packs, for a high price, can maybe regrade some more common cards.
- Maybe get some rewards for when you unlock a certain amount of cards similar to the bestiary and the Zoologist or the Angler and the Fishing quests.
Just a really big grind for a collector that wants to put cards in sleeves and trade with other players/NPCs.
Give the fantasy that I couldn't have when I was younger because I didn't want to spend $10 on a pack of cards :D

Also all these ideas I know are very particular and would be just as good to do in a mod. My counter argument to these is...
1. If I had experience in modding and had the time, I would give it a shot.
2. These are systems I would like to have in the base game without having to go to Tmodloader to experience, I just feel that atleast the rat pet and the Trading cards would sort of fit in the game as it is, because more pet and more grinding, we know what that is like from the fishing quests.

That is all :D (So Far)
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Love it!

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