Razer Chroma Support


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*Recently got a Corsair instead of a Razer for Christmas because my friend told me Razer is bad*
W-who do I believe?


This is...something.

It feels a bit weird for a retro pixel-art game to have such high-tech support, but oh well, it looks nice. :)


Awesome! My ladyfriend just got a Chroma, and I've been looking at one myself.

Despite what some people have said, this feature announcement completely made her day. :)


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I don't think the devs should put too much time into this feature, since not everyone has a chroma keyboard. I hope the devs will add more wepons and armours to the summoner class to make the progression of this class as smooth as other classes.


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Hmm, i'm going to have to agree with some of the others here, this seems like a gimmick at best, from my point of view.. the first thing i thought was, how many people actually use a razer chroma keyboard? why not just have the lighting options for all keyboards? i won't lie, i'm sure the very small amount of players who do have the keyboard are very happy but i do hope the devs don't put too much time and effort into things like this in the future.

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I also agree with the two before me. Not that the players with the keyboard can't have it; I'm happy for them! I'm sure the aesthetic is pretty and/or pleasant. It's just not something I'd bank on as a feature that makes Terraria a more immersive game, as was said earlier in the thread. Again, all due respect, but with how limited and minor this feature really is, it could've just been a sidenote to go with a gameplay-related spoiler or something.
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