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Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

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The Destroyer
And I do not see it badly; everything has to come to an end.
But my Espectativas are HIGH, I know something new will come.
But in my heart always "TERRARIA" you will be.
Thanks to the developers for the moments you enjoy in this game.

PS: written with goodle translator
Don't use Google Translate, it can't even spell Google, which is in its name.:D
[doublepost=1560411474,1560411274][/doublepost]Also, I'm happy about the proposed features, but I'm worried that PC will get 1.4 before mobile gets 1.3.


Boss health bars are coming in the next update, so that's one less mod people will need.
Honestly, from what little I've seen... I may still want to use YABHB anyway since the style feels simpler yet more... feature-full? And way more configurable.
And no way of knowing how the vanilla bars will work with multi-part bosses, multiple bosses onscreen, things like the lunar pillars, etc.
I don't know, maybe I'm just a big prejudiced grouch. Personally I've never seen a mod I thought was well-balanced or even very creative, although I have been meaning to try Overhaul and a lot of my information is from the 1.1 days of modding.
Yeah, I started with mods after 1.3 came out, and I can tell you, there's a lot of really quality stuff these days.
Some of it is still kinda unbalanced... But even the vanilla game has some really unbalanced elements sooo...


Don't use Google Translate, it can't even spell Google, which is in its name.:D
I'd rather you didn't tell people to not use google translate. It's awesome whenever they do and it saves us the trouble of translating their posts ourselves, since on these forums it's allowed to post in whatever language you speak. ;)

Sirius zza

i sincerely hope that there will be someplace to install mods in 1.4 ( without tmodloader),i mean,if the game itself has the function of tmodloader, it will be much more convenient for us to play.


The Destroyer
Do we know if the developers are aware of the issue of world data extending past the playable map meaning that corruption/crimson or Hallow can occur there after destroying an altar therefore changing the biome of the Ocean (making fishing for Ocean specific items such as Angler quest items more difficult than I would think is intended since the biome's fish change as a result) as those biomes may spread?
They know. I had an issue with it a while back and was talking to/complaining at Loki about it. The Hallow had sneaked over to the far left edge of my world and took over the ocean... I had to do a lot of digging and go through buttloads of green solution to change it back, but while the green solution did go past the playable edge to some degree, there were still Hallowed blocks it couldn't reach, and the Hallow spreads insanely fast through sand. What I ended up doing was digging a 6-block-wide vertical hole through my ocean right at the edge of the playable area and filling it with bricks. The Hallow can't spread through those. Then I had to use the bottomless water bucket to replace the water that drained out into the caves and tunnels I'd dug to isolate the ocean from the spreading Hallow. It was a major pain in the :red: either way, but my ocean is still ocean biome and not hallowed ocean

The Steampunk

The mosses from the video (Argon, Krypton, and Xenon) are all noble gases and are elements of the periodic table. Their atomic numbers are 18, 36, and 54 respectively.

The Steampunk

One of the devs said there won’t be any new bosses, but there will be several mini bosses
One of them was a Blood Nautilus, spawned by fishing during a blood moon.

Re-Logic, you have officially made me depressed because this is the last major Terraria update. (Hey, Redigit, you ever going to decide to implement the Cultist Treasure Bag?)
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