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RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!


Don't know if it has been mentioned yet but changing what you make your armor looks like but using the same materials (Helmet variations) effect how it protects you and increases combat capability.

Good point! They should make it like real life, where every piece of armor made from the same amount of the same kind of material has the exact same protection and is suited for combat with the same weapons.

Different designs = different levels of defense and use in combat IRL too, pal.


Eye of Cthulhu
People will live in houses without toilets... or showers. Where do they pee and wash. I hope its not the same place


Because I just realized something....Even the Gold and Platinum Armor are more defensive that Iron. They're working in reverse! ('cept wood)

Platinum is actually quite a strong metal. I can't find anything definitive about it being stronger or weaker than Iron, but it's definitely not as weak as Gold.


Official Terrarian
If the travelling merchant accidentally kills himself, He will proceed to return to your world in order to die all over again.


Official Terrarian
He's lonely so he changes his name every so often to have an excuse to return back to the town.
Actually due to the deprivation of oxygen when he drowns, It causes brain damage which results in amnesia. When he respawns one other NPC's mistakes him for another Traveling Merchant, As a result he thinks he's that person and assumes their identity.


There are new sets of armour that boost throwing damage along with changing of damage types for several weapons to throwing type, yet yoyos a weapon which is literally thrown as its main attack does not count as throwing.

Along with counting a set of vampiric throwing knives, some kind of demonic javelin, and newly added cursed throwing knives and the literal thrown energy of the sun all as melee weapons not throwing ones.

Dang it Red! :dryadmad:


Red and Tiy make fixes and prepare for 1.0.5. People have been complaining that their characters spawn without any weapon.
And so it was, that everyone could now poke zombies to death with their copper toothpi... I mean shortsword. 5 damage, laughable knockback, 5 pixels range, doesn't go over your head to fend off demon eyes and no autoswing. They're on the Dirt Rod level of useless, compared to fighting with copper axe or pick, not to mention wooden swords are first thing crafted on workbench by most.


when you drown, you explode
[DOUBLEPOST=1438742410,1438742350][/DOUBLEPOST]you can get snapped in half by a jelly fish
[DOUBLEPOST=1438742751][/DOUBLEPOST]you can craft the bosses to fight but only get loot from killing them instead of taking the loot from the crafted boss before using it
[DOUBLEPOST=1438742882][/DOUBLEPOST]the dungeon gaurdian is over powered but when you summon skeletron, he is very easy
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Empress of Light
The old man who sells clothes for a living has the most epic attack of all the villagers. Not that I'm complaining, of course.
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