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  1. Errorlesswand890

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    Ive been having a problem where when i click on a droppable it wont show me what npc drops it on the right, at the same time the bestiary doesn't show any drops and i really want to fix this because it was a very helpful feature before it suddenly broke one day
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    Edit, i just uninstalled the mod and deleted my lootcache.json and that seems to have fixed the problem, enemies are showing their drops and drops are showing their enemies
  2. RockingMean_

    RockingMean_ Terrarian

    it takes me about 30 minutes to load the "Recipe Browser: Rebuilding Loot Cache" in the loading screen(never had this problem before). is this known?

    edit: ill try deleting lootcache.json

    soo i opened the “lootcache.json” and it said recipe browser was on i believe and i just changed it to 0.7 and i guess it worked
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  3. Elitevyn

    Elitevyn Terrarian

    With the new 0.7 update, recipe's with super long ingredients lists like all of the Fargowiltas mod's items are cut off and i cant see lots of the items. Please let the browser extend more horizontally or make another row for ingredients to show. Thanks.

    Old: (multiple rows to show items)
    Screenshot (63).png
    New: (only 1 row of ingredients and it cuts off items sometimes( fully streached out browser))
    Screenshot (62).png
  4. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Hover over it and scroll with the scroll wheel. Many of those panels are scrollable.

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  5. Elitevyn

    Elitevyn Terrarian

    Ahh thanks, could of sworn i tried that. Thanks again!
  6. VMan_2002

    VMan_2002 Terrarian

    I like the recipe "favouriting" system. However, I think it could use a few improvements:
    1. Allow the on-screen overlay to be hidden
    2. Allow the player to manually set an ingredient as "obtained"
    3. Allow alt+click on an ingredient to favourite it's recipe
  7. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    1. yeah, just not sure how i want to do that yet.
    2. Not sure why you'd want this.
    3. Many items have multiple recipes, so I've left this as a 2 step thing, click on the item to bring it up in the query box, then favorite the recipe you want to go with.
  8. VMan_2002

    VMan_2002 Terrarian

    It could just be a drop-down arrow
    I want to be able to flag the item as obtained even while not having it in my inventory
  9. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    By drop down arrow do you mean a way to collapse that panel?

    Like, toggle between a small thing and the full panel?
  10. VMan_2002

    VMan_2002 Terrarian

    I made this mockup (the arrows change between views)
    edit: Also, instead of 0/1 or 1/1 for items where there is one, it should be a tick/cross
    Edit again: With items like Exoblade from calamity mod, their recipe doesn't fit in the box, and you can't scroll the items in the recipe.
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  11. TrueCobmom

    TrueCobmom Steampunker

    Two questions.

    Will the recipe panel ever be user friendly for those who don't have scroll/mouse wheels on the recipe panel and the unique recipes tab? The problem with those in my opinion as of V7.0 is that there is no drag-able scroll bar for any of them whatsoever, so you have to awkwardly expand the browser window itself.

    And will the loot cache tab ever plan to also cache loot from npc inventories, biome specific drops, and progression related changes (specifically for modded enemies, though could also have progression labels for vanilla enemies, I.E having the Mothron not appear in the Eye of Cthulhu yoyo and Mothron Wings tab until you reach that point in progression, which is post Plantera, or having a side tip in the enemy's name in the tab if they can drop it at that progression.)?
  12. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Maybe I can make a config for visible scrollbars. I wasn't planning for people to not have scroll wheels.

    The other idea is much more complicated, as all those conditions are extremely hard to identify and detect in programming.
  13. Laugic

    Laugic Steampunker

    Hi Jopo! I have a few questions about Recipe Browser.
    -Do you know what could be making it show recipes backwards? All of the recipes have the order of ingredients reversed, which makes some items look quite messy since the ingredients are ordered in order of importance [at least that's how I order them when I add new ones]
    -Do you think it would be possible to make the mod name display instead of the name from the code? Lots of people get confused when the mod name and code name are very different. If there is something I can do on my end with a hook to do that, please let me know!

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  14. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    They are unordered, I might change that I guess.

    I've been thinking I'll do the other as well.
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  15. damianhaq

    damianhaq Terrarian

    Hi, i have problem, bestiary not working. I try delete lootcache.json and instal old version and nothing change.
    If i click Has loot then i see this. Someone heve idea how to fix this?

    When i disabled dynamic invasions mod -> delete lootcache -> reload, then i see loot, i can play without this mod, now its ok.
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  16. YeeBoi

    YeeBoi Terrarian

    Hello, I have downloaded this and I wondered if I would just re-open the game again or is there file moving involved or what's with the GitHub thing? Hoping for you to respond ASAP, thanks!
  17. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Did you install tModLoader? This is a tModLoader mod, you need tModLoader installed. Then you download the mod in-game, enable it, and then set a hotkey. Also, you don't need to DM me and ask here, only ask here in the thread.
  18. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Huge Update:


    • Craft Tool added
      • View multi-step crafting paths
      • More item sources and alternate ways to find items coming soon

    Craft Tool
    Easily craft multi-step recipe paths

    Also intuitively shows crafting stations
    Use Loot checkbox to allow farming NPC you have encountered in Recipe Path

    Multiple paths, if available, will be shown

    How To Use

    You can read help in the in-mod Help panel.
    Right click on a recipe to select it and switch to the Craft tool. Click on any item in the tool to select it for the Craft tool as well. You can check the "Calc" checkbox to preemptively calculate craft paths. Recipes with the yellow-green background have a craft path calculated.

    Some mods add recipes that seem to stress the recipe path algorithm. If you experience this, turn off the "Calc" checkbox.
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  19. TitaniumMissile

    TitaniumMissile Terrarian

    I've encountered a bug in the new update. Terraria stops responding when I for example want to look up the recipe of an iron pickaxe so that I have to kill it with the Task Manager. I have several mods installed, but after a while of testing and restarting Terraria I have narrowed it down to two mods besides the Recipe Browser that need to be installed in order to reproduce this bug. The mods are imkSushi's Mod v4.3.1 and The Enigma Mod v0.12.1.3.
    The thing is that both of these mods need to be present. If you only install one of them, the game doesn't stop. I'm primarily reporting this here because this only occured after I updated Recipe Browser.
    I suspect that it has something to do with the new crafting tree and the fact that both imkSushi's and The Enigma Mod add a way to transmute metals at different costs, but I'm not 100% sure.
    I found this bug when I wanted to look up the recipe of the Alchemist Charm Tier 3 from the AlchemistNPC mod (v.7.4.1), but I guess the game stopped responding there because this item also used metal bars in its recipe, and it works fine when either The Enigma Mod or imkSushi's Mod is not installed.
    Also, I did make sure to turn off the Calc checkbox.
  20. Major Cooke

    Major Cooke Terrarian

    Even with the calc box disabled, the mod causes some serious lag issues during gameplay. I've had to disable it for the time being.