**REPORTED** Red Pressure Plate being activated by projectiles


Stardust Pillar
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I ran into this on my switch first before testing on my laptop and seeing it there too. My Starfury (And summons, though that's only seen in the PC recording as I didn't have enough time to fit that into a switch replay) was activating a red pressure plate, and the wiki doesn't say anything about that. I thought Teal Pressure Pads were the only pressure plates that projectiles could activate, so I think this might be a bug. I might be missing something from a recent update though but the wiki's changelogs (at least the ones I checked) also don't say anything about it.
I included a video with both my recording on my switch (with a slime statue as I was farming slimes at the moment) and the one on my laptop (with a dart trap because I wasn't sure if I had a slime statue ready).

(I chose controller for controls used but on PC I was using keyboard, on switch I'm using a pro controller though and that's where I found it first)
This is not a glitch, it’s happened to me too.
"it happens to me too" generally isn't a good way to decide if something is a bug or not, especially something that's this likely to be encountered by just playing.
I would check in TModLoader 1.3 but I'm not sure (and don't think I do) if I have Starfury in my storage there, not to mention I'd have to find a red pressure plate underground and bring it to a dart trap due to not having Mechanic.
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