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Story RED SKIES - an MSPA style story

Should I change the art style to Pixel Art?

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Basically Downternet but worse

....................................................STATUS: Cancelled.
....................................................COMMANDS: No.

1. You can only post one command after a panel/page.
2. Don't copy other people's commands.
3. Don't use unnecessary profanity in your commands.
4. Don't post commands when the COMMAND STATUS (see above) is set to Closed.

This is a "reader driven" or "MSPA style" story. You, "the player(s)", enter "commands" to advance the story. I'll draw the respective, currently controlled character doing that, though they do have their limits and may refuse. This is basically like one of those old games like "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy."

Yeah this is pretty unoriginal actually.
Basically just enter commands and whatnot to advance the story.
To do a command just begin it with this:


and then type whatever else, like so:
>do something

Sometimes you may want a different character than the one you're currently controlling to do something. All you have to do is enter their name like so:
>Person: do something

As you may have guessed, commands are sometimes "turned off" for various reasons, such as if I'm drawing stuff or whatever.
, [N], and precede certain commands, panels, or Page Links. When in Spoiler Titles, they'll be within parenthesis [ex. (S) (N)] instead of square brackets as it makes a mess otherwise.

: Intermission.

:Has sound, is either a Video or a Game. These aren't really necessary, they're mostly just in the spirit of MSPA.

[N] :Nightmare. Characters will have nightmares if they fall asleep while under stressful conditions or when afraid.

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Wait, that actually worked? No silly name shenanigans or anything? Huh.


Your name is RED McCLOUD. You're sort of the AVERAGE JOE, though your parents were nice enough to give you a name that ISN'T GENERIC and DOESN'T SUCK. You are 16 YEARS OLD and you have a LOVE FOR ADVENTURE, though you LACK SELF-CONFIDENCE and have turned to PLAYING VIDEO GAMES INSTEAD. You enjoy MAKING MUSIC, though you KIND OF STINK AT IT.
You have been SITTING IN YOUR ROOM for a while now, waiting for your PARENTS TO GET HOME.

What will you do?

>look outside the window and see the titular red sky

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You look out the window. The sun is setting in the horizon.


It seems that your neighbors aren't back either. Usually they're back around this time.

You start feeling kind of lonely.


You look up into the red sky.

Well, not exactly entirely red. More like a reddish-orange sort of color.
It has just occurred to you that the clouds look like giant turds in the sky now. You may not be able to unsee that.

>rip off skyrim poster in hopes that there is a money cache behind it

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Man, what a dumb thought. This poster costed a fortune, no way you're going to risk damaging it! Besides, what are the chances of a cache of money spontaneously appearing behind your poster?

You highly doubt this will become relevant in the future.

>do the inevitable and interact with your pc

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Yep, it's him alright.


Iron1ck: You like your new wallpaper?
MOnO_RED: yes, it is truly magnificent
MOnO_RED: how long did it take for you to hack into my computer this time?

Iron1ck: About three seconds.
Iron1ck: You literally have no protective software on your computer.
Iron1ck: You should probably invest in some.

MOnO_RED: yeah, you're probably right
MOnO_RED: i'll see to it

Iron1ck: Alright, good on ya.
Iron1ck: I'm going to have to get off real soon.
Iron1ck: I'll chat with you again later, bro.

MOnO_RED: wait
MOnO_RED: before you go
MOnO_RED: can you please change my wallpaper back to normal

Iron1ck: No.
Iron1ck: It's better this way.

--Iron1ck has logged off.--
MOnO_RED: crud

>go back to the desktop and click on the wrench icon

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