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PC Redoing my nitpick list (a little bit of everything)


With the coming of what seems like the final big update for Terraria, I wanted to revisit my portfolio from last year. Some of it is just bug fixes (which may have been patched already or will be soon, so I'm not sure about their relevancy, but I will still post them), some of it is tweaks to already existing mechanics, and some things are new additions. As stated in the original post, this list is a collection of everything I've found odd about Terraria during my time of playing and wished could be changed. Its conception goes as far back as the 1.2 version, so either this will be a good refresher, or a big annoyance to whoever reads this, depending on whether you find these suggestions interesting, or washed out.
  1. Items starting with the word "the" sound weird when carrying a prefix. Perhaps tweak this.
  2. There's a bug where the surface mushroom trees stop glowing when inventory is opened and auto-pause is on.
  3. The floor of the dungeon entrance should be made unmineable, so that the cultists can spawn. Although perhaps they could be mined once the Lunatic cultist is defeated for the first time (like a curse being lifted from the blocks), or perhaps the lunar pickaxes could do the trick.
  4. Wing flight length is oftentimes disproportional to their rarity (for example, the Frost wings). I think their powers should definitely be revisited. Also, speaking of wings, why not make some as an expert mode Moon lord drop, instead of the lame Gravity globe? Some awesome wings that would for example have no speed bonus, but would have an infinite flight length (hint hint Red's wings). Not great for battles, but awesome to parade in. A proper reward for completing the game on expert difficulty. Or add this into master mode; that could work too.
  5. Also, speaking of expert mode, I find the treasure bags very convenient. They should be added into normal mode too (without the expert mode loot, of course). And on top of that, they should glow very brightly and shine through blocks, so that the players don't miss them.
  6. The blindfold is disproportionately rare on crimson worlds. Perhaps make it less rare, or make more crimson enemies drop it?
  7. Sandstorms could be synchronized with windy days, just like blizzards are with rain.
  8. Also speaking of sandstorms, maybe in expert mode (or perhaps master mode), after entering hard mode, sandstorms could shift sand blocks. I think it would be interesting to see the results of this.
  9. I'll be blunt on this one. I don't like the fact that you can cheat your way around breaking any altars through fishing. You can totally bypass all the risks of this by doing the most boring thing in the entire game. Like, where's the fun in that? It's like the game doesn't even care about challenging you anymore! Here's something I've come up with, a way to keep both strategies in, while making neither superior to the other: the amount and probability of hard mode ore you can get from the crates shall depend on how many altars you've broken so far. That's all. It's that simple. You would need to break at least three altars to get all three ore types, and even then, they would be very rare. To increase the chance/amount of ore you get per crate, you'd need to keep breaking the altars, essentially negating almost all the benefits of the boring cheaty crate fishing. Yay!
  10. Also speaking of hard mode ores, the Forbidden and Frost armor should be made craftable from Adamantite/Titanium armor, due to the scarcity of Adamantite/Titanium ore. I don't want to wait in my lesser armor until I obtain the three Frost cores/Forbidden fragments, or gather all that extra material all over again if I do choose to make Adamantite/Titanium armor first. It would be great if I could just switch from one to the other once I get all the cores/fragments.
  11. The unicorn mount should be made as physically wide as is its sprite. Because aesthetics.
  12. The key molds were an awesome mechanic. The current one is rather nonsensical. Surely there's a way to fix the flaws of the molds without removing them completely? Like, instead of the Temple key being consumable, it could be kept (even for the crafting process), just like the Shadow key. Honestly, the current mechanic, the keys being "cursed" by Plantera, sounds somewhat lame and or lazy to me, idk. I definitely consider the key mold mechanic much more mysterious and quest-like.
  13. Also, how about a desert biome chest?
  14. Speaking of the Shadow key, which is used to unlock chests in the underground, how about a key, which would be used to unlock sky chests? I really liked when the sky chests used to be locked. I like when the game presents you with a quest or a challenge, instead of you just coming in and looting the place out (ehm hard mode ore fishing ehm). In my opinion, sky chests NEED to be locked. In order to not disrupt the current meta too much though, the key shouldn't be too difficult to obtain; it could for example be found in the jungle, the place opposite to the place where the shadow key is found. And, just like the shadow key, a single one could be used to unlock all sky chests. Plus, there should be a fishing failsafe in case you don't find one, just like with Golden lock boxes.
  15. There's just one more nitpick I have concerning this idea. The sky chests are themed. The shadow chests are not. If point 14 were to be implemented, should the shadow chests be replaced by "hell chests" or something similar, or should the sky chests be made craftable using the Sky mill and be replaced by, say, locked "silver chests"? This is more of a question than a suggestion, but I am nonetheless interested in people's opinions: both themed, or both generic? The generic chest design makes the lock more obvious from afar. But the themed one looks nicer. Man, what a dilemma. (In truth, I prefer the generic variant. Because while the sky chest can be made craftable, I can't think of any recipe for the shadow chest.)
  16. One last thing about the keys. Since the shadow key (and also the sky/silver key, if implemented) do not get consumed when used, they soon become redundant. So, I've got an idea what to do with them after that: use them to craft the keys of light and night. This would be the perfect way to get rid of them, while introducing only a minor impediment to the player (imo, the fact that biome mimics can be so easily farmed to begin with seems a bit ridiculous to me; a small increase in rarity wouldn't hurt at all; plus, the crafting recipe for these keys should most definitely contain a key, it's just so logical). And remember, you would still be able to fish for these keys, so running out of them wouldn't be an issue.
  17. The guide should give more tips for hard mode, and more tips in general.
  18. The redundancy of drills and chainsaws should be addressed. If both them and their counterparts are to stay, then their advantages over the said counterparts should at least be highlighted, if not emphasized by buffing them in some regard (other than mining speed, which would be a thing of axes and picks).
  19. From what I remember, the pirate map isn't stackable. Why, when other summoning items are?
  20. The Avenger emblem should be crafted at a normal workstation instead of the Tinkerer's workshop, since it's no longer made using multiple accessories.
  21. Speaking of crafting, why are the Pumpkin moon medallion and the Naughty present crafted at an anvil? Make the altar crafting station great again I say!
  22. The purposes of the Obsidian rose and the Lava charm should be reconsidered, due to the former being rather obsolete by the time it is obtained, and the latter being acquirable very early on. Perhaps the rose could be found growing in the lava layer, and the immunity it gives against lava could be increased. And as for the charm, maybe the Fire imps could drop it instead of the rose? Or just scrap the rose altogether and think of a better Fire imp drop.
  23. In general, many similarly underpowered items, such as the Gladiator armor or the Amber staff (and probably many more), should be revisited too.
  24. The Shield of Cthulhu and the Brain of confusion just seem like the two perfect items to get combined. While I know that excessive merging is bad, since the point of item separation is that you can't have them all at once, these two items are thematically very related to one another and almost no one uses them post-Moon lord anyways, so making them combineable wouldn't hurt the game at all (as opposed to, say, combining the Frostspark boots and the Lava waders... yikes). This should be considered especially since the corruption counterpart of the Brain of confusion is arguably MUCH better, so this would be a good way to balance things out.
  25. The cactus part of the pink prickly pear block sprite should change color depending on the current state of the cactus (i.e. hallowed, corrupted, crimsoned). Or, an even better idea, turn it canon. Like, the fact that it never changes its color from green could be metaphorically attributed to the fact, that the pear is immune to biome overtaking. The purification powder could be made craftable, and the pear would be one of its ingredients. A wild but creative idea.
  26. There is a bug with the Light discs, where it sounds like you're throwing 6, when it fact you're throwing just 5.
  27. Penultimately, perhaps more attention could be paid to the world generation algorithm. Sometimes, the dungeon generates insanely high, or some blocks generate partly stuck (like heart crystals being overlapped by generated structures). The people also complain about the unpredictability of the biome stripes that spawn when WoF is defeated (it's a bummer when you don't get to have a proper surface Hallow, because it spawned over Snow, for example), or the world evil devouring their jungle before they can properly contain it.
  28. And speaking of biomes, the Thorium mod has its underground ocean (aquatic depths they're calling it) and Terraria used to have an underground-only jungle. Why not bring a new biome to the underground edges of the world (which are usually empty anyways and nobody visits them)? This would surely make world exploration awesome again. All the big biomes can currently be located by scanning the surface. That's boring. I wanna experience some proper underground exploration once more! Or if not, then at LEAST overhaul the oceans.
That should be all of it. I know that most of these will probably never get implemented, but a terrarian can dream ^_^
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And I've just got one more idea. The pyramids are quite large. Maybe there should be more rooms with loot in it. There could be paths leading to them, or you would have to search for them. And there could be traps. Or rather, should be.

I'd like to see this implemented mainly because pyramids can be quite rare, and it's so stupid when you actually get one... and it's got... the pharaoh set.
Perhaps the pharaoh set could also offer some bonus or special ability, so that it wouldn't be so lame, compared to the other two items? (more reason to add traps, if all the loot gives you something special)

I'm gonna be adding more of these comments if I come up with something again.
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