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    Good afternoon everyone!

    It has been a couple of weeks since we last filled you in on our progress with the Mobile Terraria update plans. Well, we are here to rectify that and share the latest and greatest with you today! Without further ado, here is where we stand:


    • The various versions (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone) are either in submission or quite close!
    • This means that our expectation/plan is that these will roll out over the next 2-4 weeks (depending on how fast the process moves and/or any major unforeseen issues)

    • Our work here continues and is going quite well!
    • Our expectation at this point is that the content update will be ready just a bit later than expected (sorry, bugs happen - and we really did need to get everyone on the same level footing with the update above first to make this as stable as possible). We are looking at October 2015 for this release.
    • In the mean time, check out the cool fishing screenshot above to help whet your appetite! We are planning to share more info along our journey as well, so stay tuned!

    We have noted a handful of questions around what might be missing from the upcoming Mobile Terraria 1.2.3-4 update. Well, unfortunately there are a few - but they are relatively minor. We do NOT currently have:
    • Renaming chests.
    • You can choose whether or not you want accessories to be visible on your character.
    • You can wear vanity accessories.
    • You can dye accessories.
    • You can change the color of your clothes at a Dresser.

    That is the bad news. The good news is that this is all primarily due to UI limitations. We are considering a UI revamp in the near future, and we will absolutely look at whether or not we can get some of these things to work within that.


    That's it for this time. Thanks again for all of your support - and we look forward to bringing you some truly awesome stuff this late Summer/Fall!
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  2. Loki

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    Thanks for the update....closer and closer to some needed fixes, rebalancing, and brand new content we come!

    I am very much looking forward to experiencing it all on my kids on their iPad...and for everyone in the Mobile Terraria Community to be back on the same version/page!
  3. Ori

    Ori Golem

    Yay stuff for the pocket devices!
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  4. WilliamD

    WilliamD Terrarian

    Yay for mobile!
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  5. shamu1122

    shamu1122 Eye of Cthulhu

    fourth to comment :)
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  6. ZeroAero

    ZeroAero Eye of Cthulhu


    .... Sees Vanity Accessories might not be included.


    I need my Ankh Shield and Master Ninja Gear to be hidden, and my Fishron Wings (If I ever get them) Need to be hidden by my Flame Wings!
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  7. Neburuh

    Neburuh Spazmatism

    Yay, thanks for the update! :D
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  8. NextGenNitron

    NextGenNitron Official Terrarian

    Hyped for the new UI changes... although that may not come for another update or so...

    (Suggestion: Make the inventory screen slightly transparent.)
  9. Fear Rebooted

    Fear Rebooted Terrarian

    So excited for new update! I played terraria first on mobile!
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  10. ZeroAero

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    I'm glad you guys have up to fishing by now, glad for my sanity that it will probably come out in October, and glad that you guys are close. It must be so stressing and tiring to be coding all this, good luck!
  11. Beleif

    Beleif Terrarian

    I'm especially looking forward to the possibility of a UI change that might allow for some of the unincluded features. I can see how renaming chests won't work or be entirely useful, though.
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  12. piemansauce

    piemansauce Golem

    Woohoo. Mobile updates!
  13. ShroomiteBunny

    ShroomiteBunny Skeletron Prime

    I KNEW IT!
  14. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    But damn, I want those UI changes!
  15. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    Dyeing accessories... The one thing I asked for.... ;(
    Still great news tho!:)
  16. Lightning Legend

    Lightning Legend Terrarian

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  17. OneOnlyDan

    OneOnlyDan Golem

    Nomatter the platform, Terraria news is always fun to hear. :)
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  18. Theo

    Theo Terrarian

    Mmm... Good stuff! [​IMG]
  19. xXsEaBeArXx

    xXsEaBeArXx Terrarian

    With the next console update coming out later aswell, would console have those missing features that mobile won't have ,for example:

    • Renaming chests.
    • You can choose whether or not you want accessories to be visible on your character.
    • You can wear vanity accessories.
    • You can dye accessories.
    • You can change the color of your clothes at a Dresser.
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  20. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

    i can't wait until terraria comes out for wii u