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  1. reggie regum

    reggie regum Skeletron

    here i'm going to post every new build i make,trying to let you see my improvement.
    let's start whit what i hope to be my invention: a timer that turn itself off at the end of the count.

    dont look the machine gun (im trying to do something new) but just look in the bottom right of the picture and let me know if u can improve that thx

    EDIT 1:

    new moon lord farm,improved with my personal timer at exactly 1 minute,im really happy of how this is evolving

    EDIT 2:

    under request i made this
    its a sort of khaios 3x3 door but improved with no time of witing for the traps reset
    this is his 3x3 door: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/3x3-combination-lock.43843/
    i hope i have satisfied your request, if someone want a download ora tutorial i would be pleased to do that
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
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  2. These are cool but i would like to see a a number locked door. Idk if i explained myself in the best way possible xd
  3. reggie regum

    reggie regum Skeletron

    Ok i think i have understood but this will not be so easy
  4. Ok thx :sigh: