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tModLoader [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun

Discussion in 'Released' started by Jenosis, Apr 24, 2015.


How are you enjoying the new armors and weapons?

  1. I love them

    165 vote(s)
  2. I like them, but they need a tweak (please say in comments below)

    27 vote(s)
  3. I don't like because they need tweaking first (say tweak in comments)

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  4. I don't like them

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  1. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    wild west themed furniture
  2. drasuzumebachi

    drasuzumebachi Terrarian

    this mod is pretty cool there is just one tiny little thing that would make it perfect creating a combination of the furry talismen the pastel wings the parasite and the feather fan
  3. tr3vorsaurus

    tr3vorsaurus Terrarian

    how do i use trowel and what is the shadow extraltar used for
  4. Having the trowel in your inventory lets you gather flowers by breaking grass.
    The shadow extraltar lets you craft shadow essence to craft some furniture.
  5. deadfong

    deadfong Plantera

    So, sometimes, when I kill goldfish, they drop sparrow feathers. Thought you should know.

    Also, what is the drop rate on critter parts generally?
  6. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    as a tip, do you kill a golden worm?
  7. deadfong

    deadfong Plantera

    Don't think I've come across a golden worm lately, but I make it a habit to catch, not kill, golden critters.

    Also, I fail to see what that has to do with goldfish dropping sparrow feathers.
  8. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    if you kill a golden critter that drops the accesories you get all the accesories (example, golden worm drops all worm accesories..including the truffle worm head so making the parasite a prehardmode item rather than a hardmode one) and if you need help getting goldfish legs use the rain stone (if your world has the aquatic depths from thorium) to make this more quickly.
  9. deadfong

    deadfong Plantera

    Oho, that's interesting. Are they guaranteed drops from the golden critters?

    I did get goldfish legs, I think I've seen them twice in fact, but I've also seen feathers, like, 4-5 times drop from goldfish.
  10. Dnarris

    Dnarris Eye of Cthulhu

    Just wanted to say that I love this mod. It's really nice to have some mods that liven up your builds.

    Thank you so much and keep up the great work! :D
    Anoobscorpiak likes this.
  11. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    MorningSTAR-αΩ Official Terrarian

    I'm wondering if there are Clentaminator Solutions for the mod's biomes (namely the star one)? It would make attempting to make natural-looking versions far easier.

    On an unrelated note, it would be nice if there were some furniture sets with an art deco theme.
  12. Yves Renard

    Yves Renard Terrarian

    First of all, I rather like the mod, the added variety is always welcome, and everything I've seen so far looks quite nice. However, I've run into a small issue with the mod. I've downloaded what I presume is the latest version just a couple days ago (via the link in the author's post), and while everything else seems to be working as intended so far, there's one mob added by this mod, Jack (a zombie), which drops the Magic Beans. The mod description stated that beans are obtained from the Vending Machine, so I'm guessing this mob is a very recent addition, or something went awry and he was not supposed to be spawning at all. Anyway, this Jack seems like a kind of a mob that should be a fairly rare spawn, but instead I'm seeing more Jacks than any other type of zombies. It's kind of annoying, because normally the zombies are pretty varied, but with this mod all I'm seeing is Jack, Jack, and more Jack, with a rare Arrow-Face or Slime-Head in between. And as a side effect, I'm getting practically buried in piles of magic beans.

    Just to illustrate the issue, I took a screenshot with two Jacks strolling side by side. https://prnt.sc/jn2yep
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  13. DuoRogue

    DuoRogue Terrarian

    I'm goin to agree with Yves here, the jacks ruin my enjoyment of the mod. They're the most common spawn for every single biome in the game for some reason, and don't even have a banner so I can't see how many of them I've killed. (though, with the frequency of their spawn, maybe this is a good thing.)

    Please, make jacks a rare spawn on surface night only. I dont want to fight them as every other spawn in underground crimson ice.

    Also for some reason, when I downloaded the mod, disabling it would cause my magic storage to crash, despite not having any modded items within the storage. mind fixing that?
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  14. Yves Renard

    Yves Renard Terrarian

    Oh thank god I was not the only one with this problem. I skimmed through this thread and didn't see a single mention of that Jack thing. I was thinking I'm the only one seeing him!
  15. DuoRogue

    DuoRogue Terrarian

    The jacks are why I wanted to uninstall the mod, but I couldn't do that because as mentioned above trying to do so crashed my game whenever I open up magic storage. It's why I refuse to activate any or the ores and why I shove all the NPCs into their own house so I don't have to see them.

    fix these two problems and I might actually consider this a good mod.
  16. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    god I've been too busy with irl recently that I forgot this forum exists

    I will work on getting spawn rates fixed back up ASAP.

    As for the Magic Storage thing. I need a log of the crash. You can't tell me to fix it without giving me a log of that crash. From what I've been hearing is that some people are getting crashes with Magic Storage without this mod anyways (myself included).

    While I'm here; Jacks do have a banner: The Vanilla Zombie Banner.
  17. DuoRogue

    DuoRogue Terrarian

    well, I turned it off to get a log, and it didn't crash this time for some reason, so I guess my only complaint is the jacks.

    So that's why I have four billion of those. I thought I was just killing a bunch of zombies.
  18. Yves Renard

    Yves Renard Terrarian

    Strictly speaking you have killed a bunch of zombies. It's just that about three quarters of them were the Jacks.
  19. Hello, I have come across something strangely specific. When I put on the gummy worm accessory, I turn invisible, but only at a certain depth level. In the first two screenshots I am at 349' Caverns, 1429' West, and the third I am at 351' Caverns, 1437' West. Going up, I stay invisible until about 124' Underground, 1612 West. I have also tested this with different characters, different armor combinations, and with the Parasite (the same thing happens with Parasite). I tested this with worlds I already have and new worlds, and have only been able to make it happen twice, both times there was a granite biome in this area.
    one.png two.png three.png

    Not sure if it's important, but I have these mods installed:
    WorldGen Previewer
    Furniture, Food, and Fun
    Cheat Sheet
    Boss Checklist
    Recipe Browser
    Loot Bags
    Summoners Association
    Reduced Grinding
    Better Yoyos
    Chad's Furniture Mod
    Magic Fertilizer
    Magic Storage
    No Flare
    Fargo's Mutant Mod
    Magmaspark Boots
    Wing Slot
    Wildlife Mod
    Which Mod Is This From?
    Thorium Mod

    Attached Files:

  20. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    well the gummy worm turns invisible the user when he/shes in a glowing mushroom biome or near of it, regardless of the location if its above ground to space or underground to lava cavern layers.