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tModLoader [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun

Discussion in 'Released' started by Jenosis, Apr 24, 2015.


How are you enjoying the new armors and weapons?

  1. I love them

    165 vote(s)
  2. I like them, but they need a tweak (please say in comments below)

    27 vote(s)
  3. I don't like because they need tweaking first (say tweak in comments)

    6 vote(s)
  4. I don't like them

    26 vote(s)
  1. deadfong

    deadfong Plantera

    The vending machine that the grocer sells.
  2. Maxoxpower

    Maxoxpower Terrarian

    just want to know if this is this mod that allo toggle on / off halloween and christmas event with the slime gift box.
  3. Maxoxpower

    Maxoxpower Terrarian

    and yes like other bubble and jack spawn rate need to be lower please

    and sandstone candelebra not animate correctly. ( flame is static)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  4. Kvist

    Kvist Terrarian

    How do you combine candles? I've been trying to figure that out but it doesn't specify a crafting station of any kind.
    Love the candles though, trying to make that ultimate one!
  5. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    should be at the apiary
  6. Kvist

    Kvist Terrarian

    That's the one! Many thanks, great mod btw!
  7. Gameraiders101

    Gameraiders101 Terrarian

    Been seeing this mod get some updates on the browser. Will there be a changelog for what has been updated?
  8. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    I hope one of the changelog item will be "drastically lowered Jack spawn rate", and another item will be "Jack will now only spawn on the surface during the night" because I got fed up of seeing them everywhere including in the Underworld. Ended up using Cheat Sheet to disable them entirely, after getting over a thousand magic beans.
  9. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    haven't been doing much business here in this thread because I've no interest in the forums much anymore so copy pasting the changelog from the discord:

    -Added Chalcedony, Aquamairne, Peridot, and Rose Quartz Gems
    -Added Gem Furniture
    -Added Star Dirt and Fertile Dirt
    -Added Celestial Grass Seeds and Garden Seeds
    -Added Web Rope, Vine Rope, and Silk Rope Walls
    -Added biome plant pots (made with clay pots + biome dirt + seed)
    -Added new Gemspark Blocks
    -Added Gem Locks
    -Added Nanite Block and Wall
    -Added Iron and Lead Brick Walls
    -Added Spooky Wood Lattice
    -Added Gem Crawlers that spawn if Calamity is installed
    - Elegant, Stardust, Vortex, Solar, Nebula, Jam, Starwood, Tulip, Iris, and Rose Furniture sets now have new and better graphics
    - Many food items have been changed; some are graphically different
    - Banana is now Bicep Banana and it's component used in foods will give Well Fed always
    - Orange is now Manadrin Orange and grants Mana Thirst; a new buff the allows for manasteal upon damaging an enemy (will likely change value as feedback comes)
    - Wheat is now Golden Wheat
    - Flour is now Rich Flour
    - Wheat and Rye Bread have been "removed" and are now known as Midas Bread. Midas Bread can be made in decorative wheat and rye breads however.
    - Watermelon is now Waterwalk Melon
    - Strawberry is now Sunshine Strawberry, gives happiness buff
    - Lemon is now Sparkle Lemon, gives shine buff
    - Aegis Contraption has a new graphic
    - Flower Biome gen has been changed accordingly for the new blocks associated
    - Jack drops Seed Pouch after Plantera if GRealm is installed
    -  Some critter cages now have nicer animations (thanks @Sheggorath  !)
    - Jack now only spawns in Forest, Flower, and Jungle biomes at night (rejoice!)
    - Seeds have tooltips saying where they can be planted
    - Fixed rarity levels on a batch of items for consistency
    - fixed a weird reference crash with GRealm 
    - fixed some Gemsparks not giving their proper recipe output 
    - not that they were added this patch but I forgot to mention last patch that Gem Bricks and Brick Walls are a thing
    like I've said time and time again: you're better off joining the discord if you want info on the updates because I'm just not interested inupdating this thread anymore
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  10. Cynder

    Cynder Terrarian

    where do I find the Discord? also, the Large Gems don't show over the player head like they are supposed to, nor do they drop on death
  11. ricerocket_ed6

    ricerocket_ed6 Terrarian

    Off topic but I am extremely relieved to see this mod is being updated. I really love this mod.
  12. quixoticstargazer

    quixoticstargazer Terrarian

    I've skimmed over the thread pages and looked at every screenshot I could spot, and there's one thing missing that'd be fun to see.

    Seasonal decor. Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.

    ...but mostly Halloween. There's Jack-o'-lanterns and a few weapons, but paintings and a couple wall skeletons don't really cut it. Could use some wall bats, banners, and maybe some lights.
    Jenosis likes this.