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Figured it's been awhile since I posted something relating to mod content:
Capture 2016-02-26 01_25_14.png

Making the new update is going a lot slower than I originally thought it would (irl stuff, college, and playing subnautica to find bugs).
Alrighty just checking in for this week here's what I have done right now:

Each ore will have 4 weapons each(halfway done and will be working on the 5th ore weapons and 5th class weapon for each ore later)
2 New secret ores(haven't started yet)
2 armor sets(currently in progress)
Modded platforms (I only have 3 done. Tropical and Elegant are probably not going to get platforms)
New Crafting Station (Done courtesy of @Snarferman )
New Furniture set (Done as well but by me this time)

Note: this doesn't mean I pushed the update out; just letting you all know about the progress for next udate.
normally it wouldn't be my usual style of posting spoilers like this, but I honestly feel like it's too good to just post with no mystery of what something could possibly be.
Checking for mid-week stuff. The update is nearly done and should hopefully be out by Thursday or Friday.

Going back to adding lore/story to the mod: the lore won't really pertain to Terraria, but rather Terraria is acting as a medium for the story to be told. Hopefully I can have an NPC that acts like a storyteller when you bring something relating to the story (i.e. the endgame armors and weapons, but also possibly ancient tomes or artifacts.). At this point in time I still don't know how to do AI for enemies and bosses so some of the story/lore elements to this mod might be halted/put on hold until I can either code enemy AI or if someone joins the team who is versed in enemy AI.

Anyways that's it for now. Happy playing!
Knock Knock It's Europe Early Update Day

everything got done sooner than expected. Big Shoutouts to: @Scarecrow @Dragonith @Snarferman for helping with sprite feedback and @Sin Costan for helping me with summoning stuff.

“I warned you about the updates bro. I told you dawg.”Update

Added Platforms for modded furniture sets (Save Elegant and Tropical because they can use marble and palm platforms respectively)

Added the rest of the ore weapons mentioned for melee, magic, ranged, and summoner.

Added Shadow Furniture set (Corruption Flesh furniture set equivalent) and Shadow Extraltar (you’ll need some demonite, cursed flames, and ebonstone

Added 2 new armor sets and their ores. An endgame Thrower set (stats for it are subject to change in the future) and a new Hallowed armor equivalent complete with its own weapons.

Added a new item to spawn ore for hallowed set equivalent.

You can now get the flowers by having a Trowel in your inventory. To craft a Trowel you need at least 1 lead or iron bar at a workbench or anvil.

Changed Cherry Bomb recipe to have it crafted with 5 Cherries and 3 Torches.

Now that that's done next mod update will add thrower weapons for the 5 endgame armors and the thrower armor will get a melee, magic, ranged, and summoning weapon along with a few extra things I've been meaning to do for awhile
Can you show me the image of the 2 new armor sets? Pls?
It'll be in the OP after a day or two. Right now I want them to be a surprise; the thrower armor is made from a new ore gen when you beat moon lord and the other is an item from hardmode blood moon (has a 10% drop chance from a specific enemy)
Thanks fam :D
[doublepost=1458767838,1458767580][/doublepost]I got a message after killing moon lord,
"The stars have graced your world"
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