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tAPI (Released WIP) Blitz Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Blitz-Modder, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    By: Blitz-Modder
    Hey guys, this is my first mod here. I don't think it is quite as undone as a WIP but not entirely complete either.
    Some of the content at this point is still buggy or does not entirely work, so if you find any bugs, please report them ASAP.
    PS: The bug where the armor does not show up on a player's hands is fixed in 0.55 and all later versions. Thank you!​

    Blitz-Modder - Team Leader, Coder, and main Spriter,
    Logodum - Beta Tester
    SlayerOfTheBad - Beta Tester
    bluemagic123 - Part Time Coder
    ZemmySix - Spriter

    Blitz Mod 0.6 (LATEST):
    Blitz Mod 0.55:
    Fixed bug where hands where naked with new armor
    Added new Town NPC, the Undead Knight
    Other Minor Bugfixes
    Blitz Mod 0.6
    Fixed Ghostly Potion; Fixed Undead Knight NPC; Icons for Emerald Armor Set
    Added: Emerald Sword+Toolset, Sapphire Sword+Toolset, Ruby Hammer, Amethyst Hammer, Ghostly Lantern, Obsidian Slab, Obsidian Spike Axe, Alchemy Table
    Minor Recipe Changes
    Blitz Mod 0.5: Drag the downloaded file into the Local folder located in "Documents/MyGames/Terraria/tAPI/Mods/Local"
    Blitz Mod 0.55 and Later: Extract the file from the zip using WinRAR or 7zip or what have you, and then place the extracted file (BLITZ.tapi) in the Local folder located in "Documents/MyGames/Terraria/tAPI/Mods/Local"

    Thanks to:
    Dev Team for making this AWESOME Game
    @Phlebas : For Coral Sword and Hamaxe Sprites
    @berberborscing : For lotta coding tutorial(s)
    tAPI Team: For their example mod and great tAPI mod base
    Whoever made the Elven Bow Sprite: Elven Bow Sprite
    @The Miniature Shark : Sapphire Toolset Sprites
    @ThatOneRobloxHater : Emerald Sword and Toolset Sprites
    @Tobbvald : Ghostly Lantern Idea and Sprite
    @Green Cat (tAPI IRC Channel) : Cleaning up of Boss Sprite
    @MiraiMai : Help with coding
    @DivermanSam : Example code
    @Grox The Great : Example Code
    @zadium4ivii : Example Code
    @Gubzs : Original Obsidian Spike Axe sprite
    @Frous : Sprites
    Bacon Suggestion Contributors : The Bacon stuff suggestion
    @Vikri : Animating the Pig Sprite
    @Pinelord : Meteorite Drill Suggestion/Sprite
    @Kalciphoz : Pixelart "Download" Button
    @Pumpking : Awesome Support Banner
    @The Gentleman Narwhal : NARWHALS!!!!!

    The content that the latest version of this mod includes is​

    [​IMG] Emerald Armor
    [​IMG] Sapphire Armor​
    [​IMG] Ruby Armor
    [​IMG] Amethyst Armor
    [​IMG] Diamond Armor
    [​IMG] Frostiron Armor (About the helmet, if anyone has issues such as those with the Unobtainable Items mod, please PM me first, I will change the helmet sprite)
    Melee Weapons:
    [​IMG] Coral Sword
    [​IMG] Diamond Sword
    [​IMG] Amethyst Sword
    [​IMG] Ruby Sword
    [​IMG] Sapphire Sword
    [​IMG] Emerald Sword
    [​IMG] Obsidian Sword
    [​IMG] Obsidian Spike Axe
    [​IMG] Meteorite Broadsword
    Ranged Weapons:
    [​IMG] Crossbow
    [​IMG] Elven Bow
    Magical Weapons/Spells:
    [​IMG]Ghostly Lantern - An ancient spectral contraption, myths say that it was conceived by the Legendary Tobbvald the Tinkerer.
    [​IMG] Ruby Axe
    [​IMG] Ruby Pickaxe
    [​IMG] Ruby Hammer
    [​IMG] Diamond Hamaxe
    [​IMG] Diamond Pickaxe​
    [​IMG] Amethyst Axe
    [​IMG] Amethyst Hammer
    [​IMG] Sapphire Axe
    [​IMG] Sapphire Hammer
    [​IMG] Sapphire Pickaxe
    [​IMG] Emerald Axe
    [​IMG] Emerald Hammer
    [​IMG] Emerald Pickaxe
    [​IMG] Coral Hamaxe

    [​IMG] Ghostly Potion - A Rare potion crafted from (see recipe list)
    Spectral Grasp - Inflicted by Ghostly Potion and Ghostly Lantern
    Crafting Stations:
    Alchemy Table - Brew all sorts of odd concoctions!

    General Items:
    [​IMG] Dirt Brick - A Dirt Brick. It's extra dirty.
    [​IMG] Frostiron Bar - Mythical iron of frost, forged high in the mountains....
    [​IMG] Obsidian Slab - A Slab of dark, glassy rock spewed from a volcano.
    Town NPCs:

    [​IMG]Undead Knight
    Mob NPCs:
    [​IMG]Killer Whale (Will remove if an official PMs me)​

    Here are some Pictures​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Please provide constructive criticism and suggestions!
    If I missed anyone in the credits, please inform me!
    Coming soon to this thread: Recipes

    WIP Recipes List:
    Frostiron Armor: Helmet: 10 Frostiron Bars - Breastplate: 15 Frostiron Bars - Leggings: 13 Frostiron Bars @ Furnace. Total Defense: 19
    Frostiron Bar: 1 Iron/Lead Bar, 3 Shiverthorn, 28 Ice Blocks @ Furnace
    Obsidian Slab: 2 Obsidian @ Furnace
    Obsidian Sword: 20 Stone Block, 32 Obsidian @ Anvil. 28 DMG
    Obsidian Spike Axe: 25 Stone Block, 18 Obsidian Slab, 20 Spikes, 4 Iron/Lead Bars @ Anvil. 32 DMG
    Meteorite Broadsword: 8 Stone Block, 38 Meteorite Bar @ Anvil. 29 DMG
    Elven Bow: 100 Pearlwood, 10 Cobweb, 6 Iron/Lead Bar, 1 Book @ Anvil. 40 DMG
    Dirt Brick: 1 Dirt Block, 1 Stone Block @ Work Bench
    Diamond Sword: 8 Diamond, 3 Iron/Lead Bar @ Anvil. 43 DMG
    Sapphire Sword: 8 Sapphire, 4 Iron/Lead Bar @ Anvil. 25 DMG
    Alchemy Table: 70 of Any Wood, 20 Glass, 15 Lead/Iron Bar, 2 Bottled Water @ Workbench
    Sapphire Pickaxe: 6 Sapphire, 4 Iron/Lead Bar @ Anvil.
    Sapphire Hammer: 8 Sapphire, 4 Iron/Lead Bar @ Anvil.
    Ghostly Potion: 3 Bottled Water, 10 Corrupt/Crimson Seeds, 30 Ectoplasm, 20 Souls of Night @ Alchemy Table - Grants Spectral Grasp Buff/Consumed
    Ghostly Lantern: 20 Ghostly Potions, 200 Corrupt/Crimson Seeds, 150 Ectoplasm, 70 Souls of Night, 70 Souls of Flight, 80 Souls of Fright @ Alchemy Table - Grants Spectral Grasp Buff/Is not consumed
    Do Not take any sprites, items, or code from this mod without notifying me first and then crediting me.

    Support Banners:
    [​IMG] by @Pumpking

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2015
  2. Kami

    Kami Terrarian

    Liked the idea, but i dont think that gems armors are a good thing to add... We already have the ore ones!
    By the way, you have future working alone in a mod. +1, and keep going!
    Also, do you plan on making some mobs?
    If i can say, i whould like to see some new goblins, what about some Hardmode goblin mobs, or even a invasion? Just a sugestion!
    Blitz-Modder likes this.
  3. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man Official Terrarian

    Looks good so far. I think I'll watch it for the time being and see how it evolves. Will play it as soon as I get more time. C:
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  4. Olof Almqvist

    Olof Almqvist Official Terrarian

    I will be watching this mod :) i like it so far, rep+
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  5. People think that there needs to be gem armour and swords but there are plenty of gem stuff

    Gem robes
    Gem hooks
    Gem staffs
    Gemspark Blocks
    Gem torches

    But the other stuff could be cool
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  6. Olof Almqvist

    Olof Almqvist Official Terrarian

    i like the idea for Gem armor and weapons, seems unique!
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  7. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Been busy with SLOs and a MUN competition the past few weeks, but I'll be working on this when I have time. I like the ideas; will try to add goblin mobs and such :)
  8. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    great mod
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  9. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    Hey guys! Here's a bit of an update. It's a new Townie! THE UNDEAD KNIGHT!

    [​IMG][​IMG] <-NEW!!!!!! [​IMG]<- OLD

    -Long live ang mga Pilipinas - Blitz Modder
    EDIT: I'm still finalizing his inventory, and I fixed his walking animation. Any ideas for what he should sell besides Coral Sword, Iron Helmet, and Zombie Banner? Should he have a special drop? Like a Knightly Helmet?
    EDIT2: Blitz Mod 0.55 just released.
    EDIT3: Two new items are being added. Will show pics later.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2014
  10. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    i suggest Knight armor knight sword knight sheild and at nightime the Broken Horn what it does summon Zombie knight or Zombie Dogs minion and it would be cool if the undead knight can fight mobs if the mobs are near so it can proteck the other Npc Villager it's like a protecter but an Npc idk if you undertand what i mean
  11. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    I like the Broken Horn idea, but why horn? I'd probably go with just that or just the Knight vanity set. I don't want too much from this guy. Also, I could make him the village's protector, but he'd need to have a custom AI written. Nice ideas, I'll be considering them, probably go with the Broken Horn and Protector idea, as we need more stuff like that. In other news, here are the two new items I mentioned earlier:
    [​IMG] Obsidian Slab. (not very original, I know) This item is used in crafting the following item. Currently, the Obsidian sword has only had its number of Obsidian needed to increased to 32, making the Obsidian Sword's recipe 20 Stone Blocks and 32 Raw Obsidian. The Slab is crafted from 2 [email protected]
    [​IMG] Obsidian Spike Axe (Credits to @Gubzs for the original sprite, I just recolored it). This is crafted from Obsidian Slabs, Iron Bars, Stone Blocks, and Spikes from the Dungeon. 18 Obsidian Slabs are needed for this beauty, as well as 4 Iron Bars, 25 Stone Blocks, and 20 [email protected] It does 32 DMG
    Here's a bonus!
    Not sure if I can add this in (probably not, considering 505's tight restrictions -_- but here is what I made today in my free time: KILLER WHALE! I custom made its code with Arkhalis' and GroxTheGreat's help, and then made the sprite based off of the shark. Too bad I probably can't add it in due to the copyright and junk. Ah well, I mean, it isn't an Orca or a copy of one. It was custom made.....
    Oh and, if your Undead Knight NPC isn't dying for some reason (it is in latest update), that is a bug that I have fixed in the dev version. It will be part of the next patch/update/whatevs. :) Btw, I cleaned up some of the introductory pics in the main post.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  12. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    but why broken horn i choose because it's like calling an ally or army or dogs,and are you going to do the protector thingy and the vanity set and the Broken Horn?
    Edith:and why there is two download link of Blitz
  13. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    I've decided that he will sell a Knight's Vanity Set once the EoW is killed, he will drop the Broken Horn, and hopefully he will become a protector. There are two download links because the first one is version 0.5, while the second one is the latest release, 0.55. It fixed several bugs and added the NPC.
  14. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    um,sorry i dont undertand what are you saying.you meant that if the undead knight is killed he will drop the broken horn and became a protector and what is EoW i dont know really about modding and code
  15. Sapphire wolf

    Sapphire wolf Terrarian

    He is working on coding the npc on protecting your village, when killed he will drop the horn, and EoW stands for: Eater of Worlds
  16. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    Yes, thank you for clarifying @Sapphire wolf. Anyways, anyone tried 0.55 yet? Btw, I'd gladly take any pictures taken by players and put them in the main post.
  17. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    hmmmm,i will play 0.55 and take some screenshot btw i treid 0.55 Blitz
  18. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    Alright, cool. Well guys, I finally got the Ghostly Potion working, thanks to @MiraiMai
    Next update, you will be able to craft it in hardmode and turn into a ghost for an unlimited time (the timer won't work). The recipe is: 3 Bottled Water, 10 Corrupt/Crimson Seeds, 30 Ectoplasm, 20 Souls of Night @ Alchemy Table ([​IMG] ) = [​IMG]
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
  19. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    so how can you stop it?
    Edith: i cant take any picture lately because i'm having problem with tAPI
    you can see my post here about my problem with tAPI http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/tapi-a-mod-to-make-mods.3203/page-69
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  20. Blitz-Modder

    Blitz-Modder Steampunker

    You simply right click the buff and it will go away. @Guiding Intense, about your problem, make sure tAPI is updated to the latest version and try loading only one mod.

    Here's the new crafting station, the Alchemy Table (inspired by Cenx's 3000th item spoiler): [​IMG] . It is crafted with 70 of any Wood, 20 Glass, 15 Iron/Lead Bar, and 2 Bottled [email protected]
    Here is the Ghostly Lantern from @Tobbvald with its amazing sprite and idea. [​IMG] It is crafted from 20 Ghostly Potions, 200 Corrupt/Crimson Seeds, 150 Ectoplasm, 70 Souls of Night, 70 Souls of Flight, and 80 Souls of Fright. Check out @Tobbvald 's thread btw!

    And here is the Emerald Set, credits to @ThatOneRobloxHater for these amazing sprites: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]. The Sword is crafted from 8 Emeralds and 3 Iron/Lead Bars @ Anvil. The thought occurred to me while making this, that the gem swords need to be crafted from more gems. So, each gem sword now requires 8 of its respective gem to be crafted (next update, 0.6)

    Finally, here is the SapphireSet, kudos to @The Miniature Shark for the awesome tool sprites: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]. Here's the sword: [​IMG] . Check out @The Miniature Shark 's thread if you want to make your own requests ;)
    Amethyst Axe: [​IMG]Amethyst Hammer: [​IMG] Ruby Hammer:[​IMG]

    Also, can someone clarify if adding the Killer Whale is alright? I mean, it probably isn't, but I hold out hope that some official guy will say "Sure, add it in"
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2014