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[Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

Discussion in 'Released' started by blahblahbal, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. RuneOfNever

    RuneOfNever Skeletron Prime

    Exxo Avalon v10.0 work on terraria for my bad english)
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2017
  2. GreenV

    GreenV Terrarian

    No. This mod seems to be abandoned.
  3. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    Do not give out information that you have 0 confirmations on, especially FALSE information. This mod is NOT abandoned. I've said a thousand times, the mod creators (Who I am close friends with, so I have confirmation (AND they said it themselves on this thread)) have not abandoned it, but they are working on it as I answer this question a million times. :sigh:
  4. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight Spazmatism

    I feel you man, this ignorance must be driving you nuts!
  5. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    I do tend to be the one that answers or replies all the time, so yeah.. it does drive me a bit nuts. Especially when someone asks a question that was answered by the post above theirs.... (That actually happened)
    Bullseye55 likes this.
  6. byAbeeL

    byAbeeL Golem

    They are working on it but very slowly.
  7. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    It's better for them to take theirs time,because if they do it quick they would be a lot of bugs,which maybe could make the mod unplayable,patience is the key
    Bullseye55 and 000 like this.
  8. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    I know, I am the one that keeps repeating that. I am close friends with the creators, Bullseye55 has also said it before.

    Hey, someone understands it. :)
    Bullseye55 and 000 like this.
  9. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Brain of Cthulhu

    Completely false as far as anyone that knows the place can see. Coming from the head developer himself currently, and close friend of Blah.

    IDKAN, really am considering giving you a formal AvalonMod spot for CS(Customer Support). Tone down the frustration and I would in a heartbeat. :p

    So true, and also why things are taking a while. Multiplayer support being one of them, I believe. Netcode can cause problems left and right if not synced up right, and optimization can go down the drain really fast with new mechanics or heavy biomes(Look at the AAA games nowdays, the lot of them.)

    Turtle beats the hare, they say, especially in quality and sustainment. :p
    Mul Kuri, Jeckel, byAbeeL and 2 others like this.
  10. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    CS sounds fun, as I am the one answering most questions and it'd be an official title. Cool. I'll try to tone down the frustration, but it does get a tad annoying when someone asks the question I just answered right after my post. :p
  11. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Mini-spoiler! Thanks for being so patient!
    I hope you're looking forward to playing this mod as much as we are developing it!
  12. imkSushi

    imkSushi Eater of Worlds

    Yay! Hype!

    Quick question, is that new structure to just show off blocks, just a new structure or both? (i.e. will the structure be in the game?)
    Bullseye55 likes this.
  13. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Just to show them off, themed builds are nice!
    However, they will grow in a crimson world. (the blocks that is)
  14. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    Oooo, haven't seen a spoiler for anything in quite some time. Since that Morse Code spoiler I believe. Nice to see some new things being posted. :)

    I wonder if this'll stop the same question being asked, at least for a little bit. :p
    Nopezal and Bullseye55 like this.
  15. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    Is this an update spoiler or a tmodloader build spoiler. I know both are being worked on but haven't heard anything on tmodloader front.
  16. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    It's a tModLoader build spoiler. Not sure how active the other build is.
  17. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    Now I'm excited
    Nopezal likes this.
  18. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    Great to hear. :) Can't wait to actually be able to play this again. :p
    Bullseye55 and Nopezal like this.
  19. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    oooo a mini dungeon perhaps?
  20. IDon'tKnowAName

    IDon'tKnowAName Skeletron

    I wouldn't say it is. Though, there may be mini dungeons in the mod after release. Who can say? Be nice to have more mini dungeons. :p

    Though, a Crimson/Corruption-themed mini dungeon would be cool. Spawn in after some boss perhaps? You could go through them and a new boss (Corrupted/Crimson) would be waiting at the end. That'd be cool. @Bullseye55
    Melly the WM and Nopezal like this.
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