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tModLoader (Released-WIP)The Nightmare Mod


I think there's a glitch with the shredder armor, it gave me a buttload of damage resistance to the point where the mech bosses only dealt like, 4 damage to me. Might wnna see whats up with that. :p


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Hey everyone, its been a while since I've been on and I've got some news for ya. My laptop got :redspin:ed last week and I've got no other way to continue this until I get it fixed or get a new one. Plus, school has gotten me a lot busier. Don't worry, this mod will come back eventually. I'm just not sure when :sigh:


Hello, it has been a while. Great to see this mod is out. I hope I will get back into terraria so I can play some new mods and updated older ones:)

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I know you plan to add non-throwing things, but shouldn't you call this Mod the Hardmode Throwing Class Extension or something like that?
It's just an idea, so...
You don't have to do that of course.
EDIT: I see that this mod doesn't focus on Throwing, and that it's a side-thing. So renaming it would be dumb.


Thanks for the feedback! Could you further explain how they are OP? This way I could find a way to nerf them.
Well to be honest I don't know if they are since I haven't tried thrower yet (this mod is just one of the few mods we use).
Just by looking at the numbers it feels like throwers get a lot of buff for dmg, speed etc.


That's probably because they are relatively trash in vanilla.
True but just to look at the buff numbers it seems to get for throwers is quite high compared to normal armors etc. They usually give like what, 10-20% dmg or something and these go over 30%. No idea if they really are that bad or not, never have I used throwers :D


Does this makes any change about world generation ? Or can i play it with a formerly generated world ?


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The only thing that comes out of this mod are a bunch of Shout-Outs and expanded/amazing throwing weapons. No terrain changes. :)
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