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tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Luna_Steambath, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. BobOrSomething

    BobOrSomething Steampunker

    Now I'm not sure if it's just because I have other mods installed and I'm doing it in multiplayer or what but it seems that enemies besides bosses so far don't drop any elements like the wiki says.
    So unless something was changed and the wiki is wrong or I'm having conflicting issues.

    Also experienced One-shot not spawning. Again it could be completely on my part or it might be a bug either way just wanted to chime in.
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  2. KinaUndead

    KinaUndead Terrarian

    I have the same issue with "The Spirit" not dropping any loot bags or showing location of stranded ship.

    Playing in MP, mods are;

    Critter Craze
    Shader Library
    Secret Dyes
    Hair Dye For Armor
    JPAN's Bags of Holding
    Second Hotbar
    Which Mod Is This From
    The Antiaris
    Yet Another Boss Health Bar
    Mod Helpers
    Magic Fertilizer
    Recipe Browser
    Wing Slot
    Better Night Sky
    Boss Checklist
    Spirit Mod
    Thorium Mod
    Chad's Furniture mod

    And of course, The split.


    Alright, I've just ran a SP test on it and I was able to get the drop on the SAME character with the SAME world, and the ? to show up on map where the ship is located, It's definitely a MP issue. I've also noticed that while in MP sometimes "The Spirit" just straight up disappears mid conversation too before even getting a defeated message. When I was doing it in MP I WAS doing it with a friend, if that makes a difference.. From what it sounds like though I think people have done it in MP solo though and haven't gotten the drop so I'm not sure, but either way it's definitely something to do with MP.

    As a side note, when killing "The Spirit" in MP and even managing to get through the full dialogue and get the defeated message it does not track correctly in boss check list, however defeating it in SP tracks it correctly.
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  3. Deven2k

    Deven2k Terrarian

    Ran into some bugs but they were all in MP. Witnesses randomly disappear and never drop Moon Dust. One-Shot de-spawns after his into animation in the snow biome on the surface. Rarely see the split caster to catch the Unfortunate Souls.
  4. NSK

    NSK Terrarian

    It was changed. Right now elements drops only from bosses and some rare enemies. You can check the full list on the Elements wiki page https://splitonomicon.wikia.com/wiki/Elements
  5. Isolated Egg

    Isolated Egg Terrarian

    Hi! It apears that the Pogo Stick is broken. When I hold Down during a jump, the pogo sticks out then when I land while it is sticking out I get stuck there. I can not move, open my inventory, or change my tools. Since I couldn't open my inventory, I would have had to close the game if the Twilight Walker wasn't near me.
  6. treetop98

    treetop98 Terrarian

    Hello so I made a modpack for me and my friend and it has Thorium, Spirit, Sacred Tools, Split and magic storage and me and my friend found a glitch when the npc’s “Shadow Caster” and “Troll” spawn which are from this mod in multiplayer they seem to despawn right after they’re about to attack. It’s really annoying because right when we see one we get close to it and it despawns. But in single player they don’t despawn. We used steam to host the game. So that’s the only big glitch we’ve found so far and I am looking forward to future updates of this mod. I think The Split Mod might eventually become as big and popular as thorium, calamity, and spirit. :)
  7. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron patch is released!
    You can download it from tModLoader Mod Browser or by downloading file on the link below.


    • Fixed a bug that caused bosses and enemies to disappear in Multiplayer
    • Fixed sell prices of some items
    • Fixed some bugs related to Enchanted candles
    • Fixed Spirit's health scaling in Expert mode
    • Summoner staves now correctly apply buffs
    • Jackhammer and Pogo-stick now deal proper damage
    • The Amplifier is no longer dropped from One-shot's treasure bag
    • The Hairpin's effect properly disappears when accessory is removed
    • Collapse no longer аttracts NPCs which don't take damage

    • Magician now sells Fire Blaster
    • Changed crafting recipes of some items, reduced crafting requirements for enchanted mirrors
    • Enchanted mirrors now can be repaired with appropriate gemstone and glue on the Heavy Work Bench
    • Enchanted mirrors obtained from Golden chests have more durability now
    • Enchanted horn can be obtained by killing Witnesses now.

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  8. I have an idea for new biome (minibiome). it will be on map after you give Genoshi the Great Crimtane Shard (he will give you a key)! It will be the Corruption/Crimtane temple (like jungle temple).

    In this biome will be the Corrupted/Crimtained statues (enemies), Corrupted/Crimtaned Vampire bats (enemies) and Magic Statues (enemies).

    Also will be the NPS: Infested/Orgained man. If you talk with this NPS and choose Corrupting/Orgaining he will turn into the terrinle new boss!

    I have some pictures!:golem::brain::zombie: Идеи для Террарии (Порченый Багряный Храм).png
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  9. alj780

    alj780 Terrarian

    Was wondering if the "Collapse" yoyo drops from anything or is it something can only spawn in
  10. Masamika

    Masamika Terrarian

    Machine translation is used.

    When equipped with Hollow armor's Breastplate,
    My arm is shortened when I attack.
    Although it may be trivial, since it is my favorite equipment, I am concerned, so I will report it as a bug or specification, but I will report it.
  11. Lamex

    Lamex Terrarian

    For some reason The Split mod makes Calamity summon items useless. Bosses wont spawn from it. Issue happens only in Multiplayer.

    The Enigma Mod!
    Recipe Browser
    Leveled Mod
    Unleveled Mod
    Wing Slot
    Even more modifiers
    Better Buffs
    Boss Checklist
    The One Library
    Magic Storage
    Thorium Mod
    Calamity Mod
  12. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    I have some feedback after playing the mod for some time.

    1. Rebellious Wisps are far too rare. I barely ever find any. They also should not spawn if you're in front of a wall, like Wyverns, because they can destroy an early pre-hardmode character even inside a house.

    2. The Oneshot is pretty difficult considering when it's supposed to be fought. Perhaps a bit too difficult, to be honest.

    3. The firecaster scepter doesn't seem to use mana correctly. It uses it once then you can hold it down forever. Its droprate from Shadow Casters is also far too low. I didn't get one until I was over 30 nights into the game.

    4. Switch Casters are too rare in the dungeon, given how rare the Bone Ring is to drop from them.

    5. The Full Colour is kind of useless compared to other weapons. It uses too much mana, fires at an average speed, and does good but not great damage with no piercing or anything.

    6. Sentinels are annoying, since they often attack from offscreen and hide inside blocks where you can't hit them.

    7. The "quest" system is really cool! One suggestion I have, though, is to be able to get the Reading Glasses back, or make a copy of them, rather, after returning them to the Librarian. They're great vanity and have a decent effect but I feel wrong not giving them back.

    8. I don't know why, but after Skeletron, the Frozen Ship no longer has its unique music, and the spawnrate of Witnesses went down a lot.

    9. The Moon Prince helmet hides beards when it shouldn't. Same with the Spirit Hood.

    10. Also, I understand English is a very hard language. As a native speaker, I say it's awful and a linguistic abomination. However, especially given the (comparatively) story-focused nature of the mod, I feel you should make it a priority to get someone on the team to be a translator. While the current English is passable, it is awkward in many places, and sometimes hard to understand.
  13. Donoya

    Donoya Terrarian

    So I was thinking of using this mod in a multiplayer game with a friend, but am worried that the multiplayer bugs may prove too much. Can anyone provide me with a list of the current known multiplayer bugs that exist in this mod? Also, is there anything potentially world breaking or that would require a new world which might be coming in an update or two?
  14. Peasant

    Peasant Terrarian

    I tried this mod a few months ago but it didn't work properly on multiplayer. I see it works well now. Is there a list of known bugs?
  15. Peasant

    Peasant Terrarian

    Since this mod is small/medium sized I have decided to run it in my server among others. Here's my feedback on the weapons, based on my opinions. if I sound rude in any way or part of it, keep in mind that this is not my intention.

    NOTE: I'm using the mod Directional Meele and OmniSwing

    -When launching the crab canon while aiming in front of me, the crabs get stuck into the ground. This doesn't happen with the Sheep Staff.
    -The sound produced by the Anthem of War, The Crescent, Song of the Siren and Sunstorm is truly annoying.
    -Some magic weapons, like Swarm of Wrath, Eye of Belial, Point-of-View, forces me to shoot straight, being it left or right, even with the directional meele mod.
    -Quake Scepter has little to no precision on where the rock will land - it doesn't fall where your cursor is, even if you don't move it.
    -It would be great to be able to shoot the Wooden Scepter, The Eclipse as well as the Firecaster Scepter after holding for a while
    -The hitbox of The Breaking Point doesn't go to the tip of the weapon.
    -While spamming the attack with The Inquisitor, the audio loses sync with the effect.
    -The sound of the Fire Blaster, besides being really annoying, doesn't match the effect.
    -Kobble reproduces the sound of 3 bullets being shot, but only 2 are actually shot.
    -Most of the Gemsparks Splash, The Conqueror and Enchanted Bow's extra arrows hit the ground below the character.
    -It would be a hell of a lot cooler if the Musketron shot bones instead of bullets (besides the ones that fall in front of the character).
    -Musketron Prime doesn't shoot anything besides bullets and that's a bummer.
    -The third shot from the Switcher is a missle, but only if you're holding it. Clicking it, even if spamming the left button, will result in random missles. Shooting 2 times and waiting to use the third won't give you a missle.
    -Golden Sickle ignores terrain.
    -Sharpened Nails go straight at the cursor's direction with little gravity affecting it.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  16. sadness25

    sadness25 Terrarian

    Seem i was right, Split mod seem to have the bug where every fargowilas mutant boss dissapear either in 2 sec or as soon as they get hit.

    Also prevent calamity boss from being spawned, can't keep the mod on the server anymore.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  17. qwerty3.14

    qwerty3.14 Terrarian

    I found a very strange bug. In multiplayer if someone tires to use modded a boss summon item with the 'safe bottle' in thier inventory the boss won't spawn. I tested boss summons from this mod, spirit and my own mod.
  18. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    Thank you so much for the feedback! We are just working on.. well, reworking this stuff, and will take into account your comments for the next update!:D

    Safe Bottle was a very unstable item ( for some reason ) so we decided to remove it. Wait for the next update! :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 4, 2019, Original Post Date: Apr 4, 2019 ---

    Also, something about new update

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  19. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    Wow, those teasers look fantastic. Great work!!

    My favorite thing about this mod was always its new and unique enemies -- I've never seen so many modded enemies that introduce interesting, 100% brand-new mechanics that make Terraria feel completely different, all while still staying in the style and feel of Terraria. When it comes to new mobs, it truly doesn't get any better than that.

    Really looking forward to the next update -- glad to see you back. :)
  20. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    Hell ya! Glad to see this mod isn't dead!

    Rip the Safe Bottle though, that was one of my favorite items from this mod :(