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Removed nerfs of items
The mod was made for purpose to remove all nerfs that was made in terraria
1.4 and 1.4.1 nerfs will be removed (not all but those that are possible to remove)

this mod in 64 bit tmodloader
may cause lags for some items for example vampire knifes , use 32 bit instead to fix the issue
When Potion sickness is disabled on Healing Potion it cant quick heal
Unless the Potion will have enabled Potion sickness

All nerfs are configurable
Every nerf is configurable and have its own desc
Terraria_ There is No Cow Layer 12.07.2020 11_18_37 (2).png

toggle misc stuff and more
Terraria_ Epic Dirt 01.08.2020 19_55_29 (2).png
Mod Compability:
it may be hard to write but will try
when mod enabled (removed nerfs of items)
Terraria_ I wanna be the guide 05.07.2019 14_31_05.png 3.9v 3.5v. Terraria_ I wanna be the guide 05.07.2019 14_30_31.png
the mod removes vanilla nerf and calamity buff (as you could notice it have old desc from Spectre armor spectre hood)

when removed nerfs of items is disabled (calamity mod enabled notice: it have calamity mod desc Vanilla changes)
Terraria_ I wanna be the guide 05.07.2019 14_32_05.png

verdict: mod removes calamity "buff" and removes vanilla nerf
tested on: 3.5v , 3.9

sorry if i read wrong , the compatible with calamity removes those nerf like the spectre hood one to stay like the vanilla unerfed ?

short aswer: yes , vamp knifes cooldown from calamity is removed
For more info check this message

Here some
the golden shower had before infinite penetration and 28 damage , now have penetration 5 and 21 damage

the mod give golden shower weapon 28 damage and infinite penetration
magic weapons

Flower of Fire used before nerf 10 mana
Flower of Fire use now 15 mana
the mod make Flower of Fire use 10 mana
instead of 15 mana
summons Staffs

Stardust Dragon staff before nerf 60 damage
stardus dragon staff after nerf 40 damage
The mod make stardust dragon staff do 60 damage

the summon staffs that dont use mana before and now using
will not use any mana as before
all nerfs that are removed are found here
the mod add new 17 items
v5.0 items (1).png

1.Nerfs books - show nerfs that mod removed
2. Chaos Aura Potion - Grants immunity to chaos state , 1hr duration
3. Staraise Potion - Grants immunity to Mana Sickness , 1hr duration
3.Orb of light - gives more light than shadow orb , crafted from shadow orb
4. Star flower - work same as mana flower but it gives Immunity to mana sickness
5. Rod of Discord - Developer item , Work same as RoD but it doesnt inflict chaos state
Calamity mod Nerfs
True Meteorite helmet - make space gun cost 0 mana
7. Worm scarf - grants 17% dmg reduction
1.Star fury - shots like 1.0 starfury
Rod of discord classic version - work same as RoD but doesnt inflict chaos state on use
other versions of nerf book like melee, magic etc
Lunar chest - Give the player all versions of nerfs book
Latest version: v5.1
Bug fix and changes update

Major & minor changes
- nerfs books recipe changed now req. 3 woods to craft
-removed Teleportic potion item

-some features in config are disabled by defalt
-minor Staraise Potion buff fix
- fixed incorrect values of true and false in config
- fixed incorrecly disabled recipes and items

Added to mod config
- added some notes to items in mod config
- Star flower recipe can be disabled and enabled in config
- True meteorite helmet and wormy scarf recipes can now be disabled and enabled in mod config
Mod Github

Download Link

Bluemagic/tmodlader team - for creating tmodloader and example mod
all people that installed the mod and support it :)
RE-Logic - for creating game terraria
@HEASK - for spectre hood tooltip code
- for Book of nerfs sprites

The Revamp update
Major changes and improvents, Config update , Updated sprites

-updated mod icon
-Nerfs books can be only crafted on workbench , cant be crafted to another one so crafting menu isnt full of them
-book of nerfs renamed to Nerfs books
-updated to latest tmodloader
- updated sprites of Rod of Discord , Teleportic potion and buff sprite , Staraise Potion and buff sprite
orb of light buff , item , projectile sprite
- Teleportic potion renamed to Chaos Aura Potion
- old config is GONE
now its Ingame Config
more things are toggleable now
-increased vampire knives healing
-increased mod potions duration to 1 hour !
-Removed Democrimtame Bar and Ore , Crimson and Corruption forges as they dont fit the mod
-Removed Lesser Restoration Potion and Strange Brew nerf it doesnt also have cooldown now
-removed molotov cocktail crafting nerf
-removed Calamity meteor armor set nerf
-added Star Flower an upgrade accesory to mana flower that grants immunity to mana sickness
-all healings pots and items are now in config
- Potion sickness cant no longer affect mods and vanilla potions toggleable
- orb of light ai changed , toggleable in ingame config
pre 1.4 bug fixes

-fixed and balanced stairaise potion recipe

-bigger updates will come post 1.4
Major update

-removed Heal sickness from ALL POTIONS from vanilla , it can be enabled in mod config
and its disabled by defalt
- added to mod config: you can now disable modded RoDs, and Orb of light
and disable titanium cheaper recipe and pickaxe axe recipe and alot more
All mod items are now can be disabled in mod config
- Fixed some things in mod config
-removed restoration potion nerf
- fixed grammar errors
- mod config updated to v4.5
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How did you release a downgrade? Also, I might be able to help with the spectre hood depending on what methods you've tried.
Remove pickaxe axe nerf before it didnt need each mech boss soul make it only halllowed bars so i can get chlorophyte easily
@Aurora3500 please rename the thread to
removed nerf of items
the v1.4 was acciendly added when i was created this thread

It has been done. I guessed that you still wanted the 1st word of the Thread "removed" Capitalized so I left it as a Capital. If you want it lowercase, I can change it to that.

-updated mod icon !
-removed chlorophyte drill "nerf" is unbalanced against game progression so is disabled by defalt in mod config and it was
added to book of nerfs and book of nerfs melee
-removed corrupted anvil and crafting recipes and reworked mechanic
-heart of life replaced with Democrimtane bar (work same as heart of life)
decreased max stack of democrimtane bar to 15
and collect 15 demoncrimtane bars to craft bloody spine or worm food by breaking orbs/hearts
-completly reworked the mechanic of OrbHeartBossSpawn config feature
-fixed vampire knifes healing (now should heal correcly as was in 1.2 terraria)
-changed recipe of book of nerfs instead of 5 woods is now 1 dirt and increased max stack size
, fixed rarity of book of nerfs
-renamed beta feature bossorbheartspawn to OrbHeartBossSpawn in mod config
and is no longer beta so it can be freely usable when 1.3.6 come out
the major update has been released if u have any sugestion feel free to ask
Remove the Titanium armour nerf

Nerfs are (according to the wiki):
Internal cooldown of Shadow Dodge passed from 20 to 30 seconds. (the cooldown between Shadow Dodge's activation and the time taken for Shadow Dodge to be able to activate again)
Bar requirement slightly increased (from 54 to 59 - 12 to 13 for the headsets, 24 to 26 for the breastplate, and 18 to 20 for the leggings)
Remove the Titanium armour nerf

Nerfs are (according to the wiki):
Internal cooldown of Shadow Dodge passed from 20 to 30 seconds. (the cooldown between Shadow Dodge's activation and the time taken for Shadow Dodge to be able to activate again)
Bar requirement slightly increased (from 54 to 59 - 12 to 13 for the headsets, 24 to 26 for the breastplate, and 18 to 20 for the leggings)
Titanium crafting nerf has been removed
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Hey, think you would be able to make it compatible with Calamity mod? Or at least would you be able to remove healing items cooldowns?
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