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PC Renaming worlds/characters may cause them to become unplayable if the game crashes


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Windows 10
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After having renamed a world, if the game crashes the world/character may become unplayable, nothing seems to fix this issue-file movement stops file manager from responding and trying to rename the glitched world/player crashes Terraria. Left image-glitched player, Right image-glitched world.
The character is not default, and the world is in hardmode. The character also has max normal hearts, along with max mana.
Screenshot 2021-04-10 00.01.41.png
Screenshot 2021-04-10 00.02.18.png
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This is not likely to be a renaming issue, but that crashing runs a significant risk of the file being corrupted.

Have you tried checking your file backups and seeing if they are uncorrupted?
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