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Resolved Repositiong a Borderless Window?

The Warlocke

Skeletron Prime
Can it be done?
If not, is there a way to put Terraria in a bordered window in 1.4.x.x somewhere that I missed?

It may seem trivial, but much of my time playing Terraria was spent watching videos on one side of the screen, with the game on the other. The borderless window just sits in the middle of the screen, blocking half of everything.


The Warlocke

Skeletron Prime
Ah, I see it, now! Thanks!
I wasn't looking for it under "Resolution," I was looking for it under the "Go Fullscreen/Go Windowed" option. :confused:
I must have looked right at it at least once, but didn't "see" it because it wasn't where I expected it to be.

Ladies and gentlemen: The human brain.
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