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tModLoader Research from 1.4 in Terraria 1.3.5


Thanks so much for such a fast turn-around! I loaded up earlier today and it was working fine but I didn't have time to play. I'll let you know if I run into any more problems.

Really appreciate the mod and the effort it took to make it. I prefer your mod to the actual 1.4 research system.


The Great Mod Rewrite, V2.0 is here!
This release completely rewrites how the mod was coded, mostly on the back end. This also brought many new features that will be listed here, as well as better preformance across the board.

Items used to be stored in a single TagCompound (used to save the data by TMod), and everything researched was in it. Not anymore! Now, Items are divided into Hand-researched (the ones you place in the research slot or shift-click in), Craft-researched (crafted automatically by the research system), Part researched (by compatiblity with Rare Item Swap) and partially researched (Items you researched only some of the total). There is also a temporary Unknown Items section internally, where items researched from disabled mods are stored. Only Hand-researched, partially researched and unknown items are saved (separately) by the game. The rest is automatically regenerated when joining a world, as long as the config still allows it.

As for your current save, it will be converted to the new system by placing all items you have in the hand-research section. If you really want to take advantage of the above item split, either start a new character, or keep playing and only have new items fit in. If you want any newly Craft-research or Part-research items into the hand-researched ones, there is a way.

So, the new features are as follows:
- New Favorite System, that allows you to "favorite" an item, to have it show in the new default category, "Favorites". You favorite a researched item by middle-mouse clicking it in the researched panel. The background for favorited items are green instead of gray. Items favorited (or once favorited and then defavorited by middle-mouse clicking them again) will be moved to the Hand-researched section, and will be saved with the player on regular Terraria (tmod) save.
- New categories for hand-researched, craft-researched and part-researched items. (the categories will be there even if you have their config options disabled, or even if there is no Rare Item Swap mod present). If you disable crafting or part researches in the config, the items there will disappear after the game refreshes the research, or you can do it yourself by using the research sharing book.
- New Partial category, that allows you to recover partially-researched items in a bind. Completely multiplayer safe with the team-share mode. You cannot favorite partials.
- Team-Share was improved, by allowing you to share both hand-researched and partial items obtained after joining the team. Note that sharing full research only happens after researching (even partially) an item, so if you don't want to wait, just use the good old Research-sharing book.
- Speaking of which, with the new division of things, Hand-researched items are much fewer in number, and can mostly be saved with the book item. So it is finally possible to share knowledge between two characters in just single player. This change, however, made the book Dangerous to keep in the inventory if more than ~5000 items are saved there, as tMod cannot sync the player inventory to the server with such a large number. So, in those cases, just throw the book away or store it in a chest or other such inventory.
- The book only shares hand-research items, and causes the player to refresh the other sections when used, so feel free to use it if you think a crafted item is missing.

As with any major rewrites, there may be new bugs popping up, but overall it should be much easier to load and play with this mod, with most of it being multi-threaded so that your game is free to run as it pleases. Do be wary, however that researching something before the mod has time to reload will log that in the client.log, but can be safely ignored.

Known Bugs:
- Sometimes, when starting a new character, the character will have the research from the last character in your player list. Trying to fix it just made it (much) worse, so for now, if it happens to you, just use the knowledge-erasing book and you'll be all set. This only affects characters without any saved data, so after playing and erasing the errored research, you should have no more problems.
- If you reload your mods and change some, Rare Item Swap will sometimes mess up the old itemIDs with the new itemIDs and, by extension, if you have part-research, it may teach you some wrong items. Worse still is if those items are Parts on themselves, as this leads to learning things you definitely shouldn't have (this bug was first found when adding a new mod to a Thorium/Calamity/Spirt playthrough, and in pre-hardmode we gained access to Calamitas and Aquatic Scourge Parts...)
- The solution: Always reload terraria after changing mods. I tried my darndest to find all the places not being unloaded in my mods, and fixed most of them, so hopefully this does not happen anymore. But, to be safe, try that.


Hey JPAN, I'm running into an issue with the new version where every time I research a new item, the research panel gets stuck on "Loading..." and basically becomes unusable for a good few minutes. I upgraded to the new version in an existing game where I was already post-Moon Lord with a lot of mods installed and items researched. With the new hand-research vs craft-research partitioning on the backend, is this an issue that I can expect will go away if I create a new game and transition most of my items from hand-research to craft-research?

Also, at the thought of having to make another new game, a couple of QoL features would be pretty amazing:
1) A category for "recently researched" items would be nice, or an option to NOT consume the item when hand-researching. I often find myself researching something and then immediately wanting a copy of it, so a quick way to access newly researched items would be great. Similarly, a way to quickly look and see what was unlocked in the craft-research tab when I research a new item would also be fantastic.
2) Some way to research everything in a shop would be a huge time-saver. Since the mod already gives you access to infinite money, I don't see any problem with just adding an option that auto-researches everything in a shop when you open it.


I don't seem to have an add button in my keyboard, and insert doesn't do it, I can't figure out how to change the hotkey either. Help?
EDIT: found it under controls, I forgot it had mod support.


Official Terrarian
Hello JPAN, I found some odd behaviour when both Archery Overhaul and Expanded Sentries are loaded together with this mod where a lot of different bows and almost all arrows (both vanilla and modded) become unresearchable. In my modpack it also affected arrows from other mods like Thorium. However this issue does occur with just AO, ES and Research enabled. When either Archery Overhaul or Expanded Sentries is disabled arrows and bows become researchable again as normal.


I came here just to check why stuff was appearing in my favorites without me even knowing what the hotkey was (since it wasn't in the controls menu)
Just realized that the recipe browser show recipes key is set to the same as the favorite key of this mod

I found a bug, but I can't post again since I'm the last poster, so I'll just edit this:

You can put a random armor piece in the research menu, for example a chestplate, then if you shift-click another armor piece you're wearing, for example your helmet, it will switch out the chestplate in the research menu for the helmet, and you will be able to wear a chestplate on your head, or any other slot, and the effects of all of them will stack. And as I'm writing this, I also found out that you can also do this in accessory slots, and it's not just armor, it's any item.
It also allows you to:
Wear favorited items
Wear duplicate accessories
Put non-reforgable items into the reforge menu and reforge them (waste of money)

That's all I could think of

Image is attached to this message

It also works with the dye slots, updated image to reflect that


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Hey, you said you'd make a 1.4 research from crafting mod. Do you plan to make it for the tModLoader beta, or are you waiting for full release? This is a wonderful mod, good job.


Was going for a lazy play of the game. Weird thing. I can't seem to make all items requite 1 research. Some always seem to stick to defaults. Heart crystals loot bags etc. Even when the configuration is set to 1 (can't be set to 0 as the first post says).

Doesn't matter really. But is this intended? Is there a work around?


Hello JPAN, I found some odd behaviour when both Archery Overhaul and Expanded Sentries are loaded together with this mod where a lot of different bows and almost all arrows (both vanilla and modded) become unresearchable. In my modpack it also affected arrows from other mods like Thorium. However this issue does occur with just AO, ES and Research enabled. When either Archery Overhaul or Expanded Sentries is disabled arrows and bows become researchable again as normal.
It also happens to me. Arrows that have been researched also gone. Is Archery Overhaul mod changing this mod in some ways?
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