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    Okay so I have a problem with lag and slow motion I've tried to fix slow motion and it kinda worked but my res is 1920x1080p (native); and for some reason its like my Hz is set at 30hz for my monitor because when i'm at 1920x1080p is doesn't want to go over 30fps and when i chose a different resolution its buttery smooth but i cant see my hot bar or my health (can barley see any part of my screen) I've tried almost everything and been surfing the forums and reddit (including the discord) and have gotten no answers

    Note: This has happened to me on several different computers over the years and its not a monitor issue its a issue with the game because it doesn't happen any other game i own (which are very graphic intense games) I heard this wasn't a issue before hand but then 1.2 came out and it was a issue and i've read some threads about the staff saying 99.9% of players dont have this issue i would like to disagree because about 10% of people that play terraria have probably encountered this issue. please reply with fixes please (and no task manager and messing around with the frame skip and blah blah blah dont work at all)
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    Could you do me a favor and grab your PC specifications? I'll need them to tailor guides/downloads to your machine. Please perform the following:

    • Press Windows+R.
    • Type "msinfo32" without the quotes and press enter.
    • Screenshot the window that comes up and upload it somewhere I can view it.
    • Press the "plus" button next to Components.
    • Click on "Display".
    • Screenshot this window as well and upload it somewhere I can view it.
    If done correctly I should have two screenshots that tell me all I need to know about your system.
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    I will get screenshots for you as soon as I can mainly because I have school
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