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  1. As the title states this mod lets you set your respawn time(in ticks) to whatever you want.
    Open up Tapi and open your mods tab, click on the Respawn control mod, and click mod options, there will be a counter going from 1 to 6000, default respawn time is 600
    unless you really want to, I wouldn't set your respawn time to higher then 1200(the boss fight respawn time)
    @bluemagic123 : for helping with code.
    my friends who complained about respawn time in terraria
    Tell me if you have any more ideas for this!
    Disclaimer: I'm not sure this will work with servers.

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  3. TheBilateralGamer

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    Wow, I was waiting for this and I didn't even know it. I hated having to wait for myself to respawn. Thanks for this!
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  4. Azu

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    NOICE. A welcome addition to those impatient people.
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  5. Or hardcore players, you can set the respawn time to almost ten times the default
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  6. _Mish

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    This is fantastic. Really, it is! I am so happy this is a thing.

    I get so flipping impatient when it takes soooo long to respawn.

    Thankyou :)
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  7. Already 43 downloads, nice! I'm working on server compatibility right now... should have an update within the next few hours
  8. DarkXiomax

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    This annoyed me to no end and you fixed it, thank you so much!

    Also, could you add the option to save your players world position on save and exit?
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  9. I believe a mod like that already exists, but it is definitely a possibility for this one, however, all my mods are on hold until tapi gets updated to 1.3
  10. DarkXiomax

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    Yes i found it shortly after I made this comment. It's called "Spawn Saver", Link
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  11. Ah, Yeah I remember now, this should work with that mod.