Sprites Revamp the Bottles (Some sprites needed)

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So this is my second idea I'm thinking about boosting the bottles

plan being your in hardmode and you have the following:

The cloud in a bottle

The Tsunami in a bottle

The sandstorm in a bottle

And the Blizzard in a bottle

these aren't very useful anymore in hardmode but we get a tinkers table in

Cloudnami in a bottle
= cloudnami allows triple jump (Sprite needed)

SandBlizzard in a bottle
= SandBlizzard bottle (Sprite needed)

these would allow you to take damage because of the drop distance here's one more

SandBlizzard+Cloudnami= Natural Disaster in a bottle (Sprite needed)

The natural disaster in a bottle would allow triple jump (blizzard and sandstorm) then when you hit the ground the cloud breaks your fall and the tsunami blasts enemies dealing damage.
These would still be inferior to wings.
Double jumps have the advantage of pairing really well with unicorn mount while wings do not. If I had the pieces I would use natural disasters in a bottle in early hardmode.

Personally I don't see the purpose of the cloudnami and sandblizzard bottles. We already have baloon bundle and these just seem like easier versions.

However the final tier seems like a cool item. It takes some time to make but provides mobility, fall damage resistance and slight defensive stuff. It could be made late normal mode and could be useful in early hardmode.
What you're suggesting is basically a recipe that already exists - you're just removing the balloons from the equation. And while the balloons are annoying to get, the end result is still better than this, since it jumps more, higher, and a damage landing is cool but not actually that useful in practice. You would most likely need to farm worlds to get that many balloons, true, but you're already going to need to farm worlds to get that sandstorm in a bottle. And, as said, wings already beat jumping in nearly every conceivable way.

Interesting concept, but I don't really think it has enough use to merit implementation.
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