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PC Revamped Corruption/Crimson

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by neoselket, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    There are many ideas for Corruption/Crimson/Hallow alternates, and i noticed that many of them were more detailed then the original biomes, specifically The Corruption.
    The Corruption seems to have been forgotten. Ever since the Crimson came out, many things have been added to it, even more powerful items than the Corruption. Most people just use Crimson worlds nowdays, and the original, the Corruption, has been largely ingnored. In my mind, the Corruption needs some things to spice it up. As i wrote this, i got ideas for the crimson as well, so this will be ideas for revamped Corruption and Crimson.

    Corruption Cavern

    Corruption Caverns spawn under the chasms of the Corruption, with the lower Chasms(below the demon altars) leading down to it. It would be about as big as the caverns in the Crimson. Roughly 2 caverns per biome.

    Eye pod
    spawns in the corruption caverns, hatches 2 minutes after spawning

    hatches from an Eye pod
    damage: 30
    health: 50
    defense: 12
    knockback resistance: 50%
    can climb background walls. spider AI.

    Shadow Chest
    one Shadow Chest spawns in each cavern, works like normal Shadow Chests.

    Demon Altar
    one demon altar spawns in each cavern.

    Vile tendrils
    health: 100(each)
    damage: 70
    defense: 20
    knockback resistance: 100%
    Vile tendrils are plants that spawn on ebonstone at demon altar layer and below. They squirm around, but dont move.

    Corrupt sac
    health: 50
    damage: 0
    defense: 0
    knockback resistance: 100%
    spawns directly under ebonstone, more common in cavern layer than underground. When broken, drops 4-7 cobwebs, 6-9 bones, and 0-1 fungus mold. 50% chance to spawn Eyeder.

    Corrupt weed
    health: 150
    damage: 20
    knockback resistance: 100%
    grabs players and slows them down to 10% speed, deals constant damage
    plant AI
    no sprite, i just imagine it to be kinda like a snatcher but purple, like deathweed, and have kind of a hand on the end

    Cursed Flames will occasionally spawn in the corruption, being more common underground. They will be about 5 by 7 blocks, and will look like a bunch of invisible mobs affected with cursed flames.

    Cursed lava will replace lava in the lower levels of the corruption, inflicting cursed inferno rather than on fire.

    health: 500
    damage: 120
    defense: 25
    knockback resistance: 60%
    Wraith AI, shoots Demon scythes at the player with the same frequency as demons. 50% chance to drop 1-2 dark shards, 0.1% chance to drop a death sickle. About 1/3 more common than cursed hammers. When killed, spawns 2-4 shadelings.

    health: 200
    damage: 60
    defense: 10
    knockback resistance: 20%


    Soul of Darkness
    health: 40000
    damage: 50
    defense: 30
    knockback resistance: 100%
    roughly the size of golem
    no sprite, i imagine it to look somewhat like a grim reaper with glowing purple eyes. It has the movement effect of shadow armor.
    The Soul of Darkness is a boss that's in between the mech bosses and Plantera. Currently, there is no reason to use hallowed armor except it's slightly stronger than the demon altar armors, and it helps protect you while you mine chlorophyte. If you try to fight plantera with it, you will likely die. This boss is meant to be fought with hallowed armor.
    To spawn it, you need a "call of the darkness", which is dropped at a 1% chance from Shades and Shadelings, and Reapers.
    If it is on the surface when day comes, it will emit a high-pitched screeching howl, and dissipate, dropping no loot. Because of this it will be advantageous to fight it in the underground corruption.

    First form: The soul of darkness will float around you, spawning 3 wraiths a second, until about 12 wraiths have spawned. Then, it will charge you, swooping to the right, then the left. It will do this about 4 times, then it will circle you, shooting death sickle projectiles at you, but with much higher speed. Then it will restart.

    Second form: Upon reaching half health, it's eyes will glow purple, or rather, brighter purple, and it's scythe will pulsate, like hallowed armor. It will start swooping rapidly at you, slashing it's scythe multiple times. When it reaches 5000 health, it will stay still and shoot demon scythes out from all sides at a frequency of about 3 per second, coming out in all directions. These have a 35% chance to inflict the "silenced" debuff for 15 seconds. Upon death, it will shriek, shredding into nothingness.
    20-45 souls of night
    10-20 shadow scales
    death sickle 7%
    corruption key mold 1%

    possible alternate boss: soul of cthulhu


    Dripping Blood
    blood that spawns on the underside of crimstone. every 4-7 seconds, it will drip a drop of blood down, dealing 20 damage. 10% chance to inflict bleeding for 10 seconds.

    Ichor drip
    same as above, except drips ichor. deals 50 damage.

    Ichor puddle
    ichor will spawn in puddles in the crimson, and inflict the ichor debuff on anything that walks through it. Only spawns in hardmode, and can be collected with a bucket.

    Blood pool
    blood will spawn in the Crimson, replacing water. stepping in it will give the bleeding debuff for 10 seconds. Can be picked up with a bucket. Will turn into congealed blood if water drops onto it.

    Blood cell
    a blob of bloody matter that spawns in the central caverns of the crimson. Hatches a bloody eye if not destroyed within 2 minutes of spawning.

    Bloody eye
    damage: 30
    health: 50
    defense: 12
    knockback resistance: 50%
    can climb background walls. Spider AI. Spawns from blood cells.

    Blood vein
    pretty much a red version of vines for the crimson.


    Bloody soul
    Crimson version of dark soul. doesn't like daylight either. spawned with a crimson core, 1% drop from any crimson mob in hardmode.

    Bloody soul
    health: 50000
    damage: 60
    defense: 40
    knockback resistance: 100%
    roughly the size of golem
    no sprite, not entirely sure what it would look like.
    has the bubble effect of crimson armor. regenerates health at a rate of 4 health per second.

    Stage 1: floats to one side of the player, shoots bloody orbs that behave like magnet spheres, except the orb doesn't shoot.

    Stage 2: partially explodes(no fire), kind of like the brain of cthulhu showing the heart inside. Grows 7 reddish pink tendrils that attempt to grab the player. The tendrils do not take damage.

    20-45 souls of night
    20-30 ichor
    crimson key mold 1%

    possible alternate boss: corpse of cthulhu

    Finally, the ores you get depend on what biome you get:





    sprites and ideas are welcome!

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    Last edited: Jun 15, 2015
  2. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    I agree about some of it, the Corruption is actually my favorite Biome.
    neoselket likes this.
  3. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Like it, but even still the crimson is better (change-wise)........ The Corruption gets no love.
    neoselket likes this.
  4. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    i agree. this suggestion is mainly for adding a little variety to the biomes. however, i'm working on something that will balance out the two. the corruption is my favorite biome, i've always loved dark purple themed stuff, like darigan in neopets, ender in minecraft, and corruption in terraria.
  5. MournfulRelic

    MournfulRelic The Destroyer

    Pretty cool! I love the Shade sprite a lot especially!
  6. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    hmm not a huge fan of the changes.
    The reason is if you notice outside a few exceptions (the two slimes(which seem to be related maybe even symbiotic w/ the biome), the spectral weapon and the dark mummy) all enemies in the Corruption appear as if they may be directly related. Moreover the shape of the corruption biome is quite similar to a nest this gives the biome a very organic and alien feel... the monsters you added feel out of place as they seem to resemble standard night time enemies instead.

    The crimson feels incomplete and thematically out of place as well as one of the important things missed is that every crimson monster is blind outside of the creepers that spawn with the BOC. bloody soul and the corpse of Cthulhu likewise don't fit as the crimson isn't very spiritual and the whole biome appears to the the "corpse" so the latter boss name feels... weird? The blood cell idea is a good idea though it still could use a bit of work.

    The concept of adding to the biomes is nice (I also like the shade enemy I just don't feel it fits the corruption) keep at it perhaps looking at the enemies that already exist can help add to the biomes thematically. Remember criticism is the first step to bettering your work don't get disheartened!
  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    i see your point, but i added the shade enemy because i wanted an enemy to make the player scared of the corruption chasms in hardmode, similarly to paladins. i figured it fit, as it was a darkness-themed enemy, which seems to fit well with the corruptions chasms. otherwise, what would you suggest to replace it? and thanks for your constructive criticism!
  8. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    hmm personally noting the creatures of the corruptions similarities I would try and design creatures hat look similar but uses powerful cursed flames to attack. and the shade is too good to not be used if you are creative enough I'm sure it can work you have good ideas its just hard to make them fit into an existing biome. (hell maybe or just any evil biome?) my thoughts based on your goal of a paladin type enemy perhaps an armored eater type enemy that breathes a stream of cursed flames that can bounce off walls a number of times say 3? then maybe on death it could split into several worm type enemies to conserve what you have.

    This however is just brainstorming so Its up to you to make it your own after all it wouldn't be your suggestion if I made it! good luck!
  9. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    I do like most of it, but IMO Shadow Chests shouldn't spawn in the corruption, save that for the Underworld. And the Shadeling shouldn't just look like a tiny reaper, it should have its own unique small, shadowy look, maybe similar to a Soul of Night?