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PC Revamped Underworld

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by neoselket, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    So right now, the underworld is pretty boring, even in hardmode. I intend to change that.
    First off, each layer of the underworld will be twice as high. This means it will have larger and more varied generation. It will also have a second layer, accessed by mining through Magmatic Stone, mineable with an adamantite or titanium pickaxe. Also, the wall of flesh is way stronger.

    Current stats

    health: 8000
    defense: 0(eye) 15(mouth)
    10 { (WoF health 75%+) 20 (WoF health 50%+) 30 (WoF health 25%+) 40 (WoF health <25%) } <-hungry

    knockback resistance: 100%(wall) -10%(hungry)
    damage: 50 melee(eye), 70 melee(mouth), 11-15(laser) {
    30 (WoF health 75%+) 45 (WoF health 50%+) 60 (WoF health 25%+) 75 (WoF health <25%) } <-hungry

    My stats

    health: 10000
    defense: 30(mouth) 15(eye) hungry:{
    15 (WoF health 75%+) 25 (WoF health 50%+) 35 (WoF health 25%+) 50 (WoF health <25%) }

    knockback resistance: 100%(wall) 20%(hungry)
    damage: 70 melee(eye) 80 melee(mouth) hungry: {
    30 (WoF health 75%+) 45 (WoF health 50%+) 60 (WoF health 25%+) 75 (WoF health <25%) }

    6 permanent hungries, take no damage, have no health, but block non-piercing attacks and deal normal hungry damage.
    Expels 3 leeches once every 20 seconds, every 10 seconds when below half health.

    Once you defeat the wall of flesh, red devils and lava bats will instantly spawn. After defeating the mech bosses, new content would be obtainable in the second layer of the underworld, or the "under" underworld.

    First layer

    not much is changed here, except that imps have a 1% chance to drop an imp staff.

    Second layer

    Lava rain

    Every now and then, there will be lava rain where lava drops will fall down from the surface of the underworld. it will not be as thick as normal rain or last as long, and it will deal as much contact damage as normal lava and set the player on fire.


    Volcanoes will spawn occasionally in the "under"underworld, they look like volcanoes and occasionally erupt. erupting does not spawn lava, but it does spawn magmalings.

    a brown version of normal vines. deals 20 contact damage.


    Red Devil
    Lava Bat

    Mighty Demon
    health: 280
    damage: 60(melee) 40(ranged)
    knockback resistance: 25%
    defense: 12
    drops lava charm(0.5%)

    Mighty Voodoo Demon
    health: 300
    damage: 60(melee) 40(ranged)
    knockback resistance: 35%
    defense: 14
    drops a guide voodoo doll upon death(100%)

    Magma slime
    health: 180
    damage: 40
    knockback resistance: 0%
    defense: 20
    spawns lava upon death(half a block)

    Lava imp
    health: 200
    damage: 60
    knockback resistance: 50%
    defense: 25
    drops imp staff(1%)

    Flame serpent
    health: 400
    damage: 60(head) 30(body) 20(tail)
    knockback resistance: 100%
    defense: 20(head) 24(body) 36(tail)
    drops Bone Serpent Staff(2%)
    drops nightstone(20% chance, 5-15)

    health: 100
    damage: 100
    knockback resistance: 100%
    defense: 20
    spawns whenever a volcano erupts
    looks like a lava slime with tiny jellybean shaped legs.

    Inferno Shark
    health: 300
    damage: 80
    knockback resistance: 20%
    defense: 10
    spawns in lava. a fiery version of normal sharks, drops flamefin(40% chance)

    Lava Behemoth
    health: 3000
    damage: 50
    knockback resistance: 100%
    defense: 30
    spawns rarely in lava in the lower underworld. shoots fireballs at the player. drops fiery core(100%) when killed.


    Bone Serpent Staff
    summons a bone serpent minion, only one can be active at a time. does not take up other minion slots. disappears after 2 minutes.

    Magmite ore

    hardmode version of molten ore
    spawns a full block of lava when mined

    Magmite Bar

    crafted with 4 magmite ore and 1 nightstone at an adamantite forge

    Magma Helm
    crafted with 13 magmite bars and 5 living flame blocks at a mythril anvil
    13 defense

    Magma Breastplate
    crafted with 20 magmite bars at a mythril anvil
    20 defense

    Magma Leggings
    crafted with 15 magmite bars at a mythril anvil
    15 defense
    set bonus: gives a flame particle effect to the player, melee and ranged attacks give the "on fire!" debuff for 5 seconds, +25% melee damage, prevents taking damage from fire blocks

    dropped by inferno sharks
    used to craft lavashark

    crafted with illegal gun parts, a minishark, a megashark, and 50 souls of might
    damage: 21
    knockback: 1
    velocity: 10
    use time: 8(insanely fast)
    slightly weaker than a megashark, bullets set enemies on fire, 30% chance to give the "inferno" debuff for 5 seconds

    True Fiery Greatsword
    crafted with a fiery greatsword, a fiery core, and 50 souls of might at a mythril anvil
    50 damage
    30 use time
    strong knockback
    gives the "inferno" debuff for 5 seconds

    Fury Ore(from one of my other suggestions, link in my signature) spawns mostly in the lower underworld.

    Underworld Chest
    Spawns very deep in the dungeon. Works like other biome chests. Contains Phoenix Feather.

    Phoenix Feather
    Looks like fire feather. Accessory. Prevents life regeneration speed from being reset when taking damage.

    That's it so far, sprites and feedback would be welcome!
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
  2. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Ehm... I'm not really sure about this. The WOF is difficult enough as it is, and you just made it much more difficult. Also, your thread is very vague, unorganized, and doesn't explain most of the idea. What do these monsters look like? What's the bone serpent staff and nightstone? What's molten ore? Do you mean hellstone? With the lava rain, it sounds very hard to implement, and whats 'The Surface of the Underworld'? Also, you mention something at the end called 'Fury Ore'. Whats that? This thread was poorly thought out, especially compared to some of the other really good 'Better Underworld' type threads.
  3. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    i made the wall of flesh stronger because with the best prehardmode gear, it's kind of a pushover. usually when i fight it, i have full molten armor, a nights edge, and a minishark. i can kill it pretty easily. however, the first time i killed the wall of flesh, i had a flintlock pistol and a light's bane. when the wall of flesh is harder, it will force people to prepare for hardmode more, and actually give them a better chance of survival once hardmode starts.

    as for what the monsters look like, they just look like slightly different versions of the normal underworld enemies. the bone serpent staff summons a bone serpent minion, but your right, i should have described it more. nightstone is used to craft magmite armor, which is a hardmode version of molten armor.

    the surface of the underworld is the top, the ceiling of ash. the lava rain is just where a bunch of thin drops of lava fall from the ceiling of the underworld, but they only fall from ash blocks. oh, and the fury ore is a reference to one of my other suggestions. and thanks for the feedback.:)
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  4. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Okay. :D
    Anyways, try fixing the capitals and maybe color or bolden some of the words. People always like threads with nice organization.
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  5. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    Capitalization Isn't My Strong Point. Which Words Exactly Need Capitalized? And Thanks For The Constructive Feedback!
  6. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Lol not all of them. xD
    Just the ones are the beginning of sentences and the beginning of the words of items.