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Rich text editor and BB Codes


It's something that's been bothering me quite a lot recently. The rich text editor has a thing where it likes to edit certain BB Codes.

Mostly this one
[CENTER][spoiler=stuff][LEFT]more stuff[/LEFT][/spoiler][/CENTER]

more stuff​

Whenever I want to go edit a code like this, I get:

[LEFT]more stuff[/LEFT]

more stuff​

Anyway we can solve this problem?


Staff member
stuff and things

stuff and things​

It's one of the quirks of the RTE in how it applies justification. Namely, it tries to assign one per row. Normally, this would work fine - but when coupled with other code (like spoilers), it seems to cause errors around that intersection. Not sure if @Skiphs can do anything to rectify that, or if it will be like the infamous "double spoiler" bug that has known workarounds but no real fix. (even more annoying is how it tries to revert it when you edit)

For now, I'm afraid you will have to use the hard-coded option with my apologies. :(
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