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Switch Richest human in terraria


i dare you to find a human (so goblins dont count) with this much luck and wealth

Unit One

Staff member
i dare you to find a human (so goblins dont count) with this much luck and wealthView attachment 319878
Nice haul @AFTERShock. I especially like the golden bug net, rod, and water bucket. As a player that likes to fish, it’s uncommon to find others with all the fishing prizes. ~:) As you’re somewhat new here, something to keep in mind going forward is that your profile is a great place for posting things that may not be suitable for an entire thread discussion.

I’ve moved this to the Console General Talk section (out of the Suggestions section). It can be hard to know which section to use for a newcomer - I’d like to ask our members that have been here awhile to have a bit of grace and understanding if they see a thread in the wrong section. Simply report it and the staff will move it - no biggie, no need to bash newcomers for it. We were all new at one time. :)
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