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tModLoader Rise of Ages - Lore, Bosses and Druid class

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Greetings, Traveller!

Аfter a long time of development, we are ready to finally announce our mod on forums.
Rise of Ages is a mod featuring unique ideas and mechanics, including the Druid class and a lot of other content.
The mod will greatly expand the world of Terraria, adding new structures and locations.
Rise of Ages will also feature unique Druid gameplay and new bosses with all custom AI.
Mod has its own lore and it will be avalible to discover it while playing! (Characters on the logo are ones of the most important!)
Our aim is to provide players with new content they have never seen before. That means no more armor made of slime and recolored eye bosses!
Currently RoA is in early alpha stage, but we will do our best to push it closer to release.

Join our Discord server
to get the latest news about the mod!

Planned Content
Close future: Stable Alpha release - pre-hardmode only content
  • >250 unique items
  • 3-4 bosses
  • >50 hostile and friendly npcs
  • New biome and a bunch of generated structures
  • Mod lore given throughout game progression
  • Completely new Druid class
  • Russian language support
  • Jojo references (oh nevermind)

Recent Spoilers & Screenshots
(visit our Discord to see more)

Mod Team

@Hastur - Leader, Main Programmer

@Mr.Pigeon - Co-Leader, Main Spriter

@Efromomr - Programmer, Lore Writer

@NoverFast - Programmer

@BRIPE - Spriter, Animator

@Croul - Composer

@E_Crazy - Animator

  • Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
  • tModLoader team - for giving us our one and only modding platform
  • Hasan, Liniques, CKnight, MeuRan, Obesedog, Zerokk, Israfel - for being former developers
  • Kazzinak - for helping with code for structures

Support Our Team!

If you want to help us with our mod, feel free to contact one of the lead developers! Coders, spriters, animators and even translators are welcome!~

You can also support us by adding one of these fancy banners to your signature with following code:





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I like it, but maybe have direct sprites(instead of screenshots) here, and maybe some smaller stuff or spoiler tabs.


Skeletron Prime
Cool mod honestly, but would you mind if I shared a few ideas??
Yes, you can do it in #suggestions channel in our discord server.


I could be a spriter, im trying to find a group to join, or start

[doublepost=1535603586,1535603479][/doublepost]but my discord is down at the moment, but I was thinking like a summoner weapon based on the bone serpent
easy mode
and follows the stardust dragon ai
25 damage maybe
and of course drops from the bone serpent


So, could I help sprite...maybe
[doublepost=1537620429,1537620291][/doublepost]And could I also help with some animation, code, and debuffs


So, could I help sprite...maybe
[doublepost=1537620429,1537620291][/doublepost]And could I also help with some animation, code, and debuffs
Sorry, but looking at your spritework i have to say you need some more practice. What about the code? Do you have any expirience in TML?


Hey, just wanted to drop in and say that I love the premise and style this mod is going for!
Particularily the "not doing what other mods have already done" thing. Please no more eye bosses! :sigh:
And the Druid class looks super exciting! I'm always interested in new classes with unique mechanics.
I'm also admittedly hoping that the lantern in the spoiler with the ... reviving zombie things? is a weapon of some kind. I barely ever see magic lanterns as weapons and it's such a missed stylistic opportunity.
But yes! Adding lore, unique gameplay, detailed bossfights, and what definitely looks to be quality and uniqueness over quantity; this could very well turn out to be one of my favourite mods! I wish you great success in bringing it to life! I can already see a lot of love has been put into it!
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