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tModLoader Rise of the Colossus

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Here's a Soul Seeker armor set that i'm working on. It's the first one you would obtain, and is crafted with iron and leather. Because leather is annoying to get, leather will be sold by the merchant after the Eye of Cthulhu is defeated. It's called the Soul Collector's armor.
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So I have a new idea for an NPC, and I need your opinion. The NPC is the doctor. He sells all the things you'd expect, like health potions and other healing items. However, he also sells one of two items I am thinking of, and I want you guys to pick one of them.
Item 1: Vaccines. Vaccines are potion-like items that you take that will make you immune to a debuff (For example, poison) for 5 min.

Item 2: Cures. These are very similar to vaccines, but instead of stopping you from getting a debuff, they instantly cure you from a debuff.

Also if you want, he can sell both, but I'd rather you pick one
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