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OOC Role Play - Calamity Adventure OOC

Animus Viral

That's a meme?

Also, this isn't Hysteria OOC.
I was too lazy to post a second post. But no, I'm holding back memes, games, and videos because I don't want you to make thousands of characters/fusions that are just goddamn references to these because I just don't want thousands of player characters that don't really have any originality to it.


-Alpha wakes up
-Murph gets the remaining gems
-Beta meets Pinky
-Alias is found'
-An abomination resembling a fusion between Alias and Friend is fought by Teridax and a mysterious figure. It is killed.
-The figure then reveals himself as Goldenstripe
-Hamper returns
-Some liquid shadow turns Four and Xir into children
-Four talks to Hamper about Rix


Something me and Halt talked about on Raelm's OCC.
Just an idea for... something RP related.

Maybe for large story events and events that the non-American players are a part of, then we could pause them when they have to go AFK. Smaller events could probably be fine to continue though.
Erm... don't you think there's also an Indian player too? Probably I think that better idea would be consent-based (like if no non-American players can take part of the event, you can continue it, but if they can, first ask them (and even then, probably to the extent given by them.)
Oh, and to be sure, interest-check people, so there's no accidents like Beta or Defure (the former left Raelm because we didn't have enough events planned, the latter left Calamity because too much events skipped.)
Yup. It might help with any newcomers... but don't get surprised if Bubby is able to deny that.

Also, to be fair, this also works to Europeans like us (we can't use mornings to get too much from events or player-skip these).
Also first time I used Multiquote... ever. It's pretty useful.

Animus Viral

So... I saw this... And recognized some of the characters from reading the other posts...
I walk in, wearing a flaming party hat.

I open my eyes in shock.

"Hey Bubby, your hat's kind of on fire."

"Wait waht?"

I throw my hat on the floor, spreading the Shadowflame.

"AAAH!" *cricket*

I rush behind Friend.

"Bubby! Why'd you do that! SOMEONE, GET THE EXTINGUISHER!!!"

I start to panic.

I teleport away, then teleport back in with an extinguisher. I then try to use it, but because I'm literally pint sized, I can't control it.


I just stare at all the chaos and panic I just causing my making a small fire. I then stomp the fire out with a bored look on my face.

Hmm... Change a few words, and it fits perfectly.


-Murph starts to become spiky after a hole in his hazmat suit is pricked by a tack and he steps into the liquid shadow
-Four pours a potion down Murph's mouth. The spikes melt
-Four then throws Murph at the floor
-Murph takes a shower
-A strange mass of energy appears above the base
-Nosako arrives back at the base and is in the Hangar
-After Murph puts the mask into the energy, it becomes sentient and hostile
-Alpha fell asleep on the floor again
-There is something happening on Page 1200 with Rix
-Murph tries out Liquid Shadow testing
-Alpha fell asleep on the floor again
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