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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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Foraging Slime

(i have no idea what the :red: is actually in his head dude so ill make some :red: up)
(Because he is sentient a large chunk of CPU power isn´t needed so he doesn't have a cooling unit in his head. thus its constantly being cooled by the air.)


(that makes 0 sense...
An artificial intelligence would need more power to produce the illusion of sentience. When I say illusion, I am referring to the fact that all it is is a bunch of filters interconnected with finely tuned strings choosing a path based on the most likely answer based on training data that dictated how it makes decisions. If an ai is to even resemble a sentient being, it must have millions of these filters, just like neurons, with huge amounts of processing power to do anything in real time.

No cooling would mean instant overheating and, depending on who made it, either meltdown, or shutdown.

Anyway, ramble over, that is my memory of an overview of how it works.

Also, have a personal salt shaker for your troubles.


(first of all, for OOC chat such as this, if it must be in this thread, it must be in brackets. Second, I just explained what 'sentient' means in terms of ai.)


(as long as you don't make up completely nonsensical logic, I'm fine with it not making sense. Also I was making a joke at the start.)

Animus Viral

(Bt has an extrordinarily powerfull CPU. He can calculate the which flower a bee would land on in a field of flowers. he really smart. and the odds are so low because hes like 3X their size. he also doesnt know they have powers so that was influence.)
('Really smart' I will have to say is subjective, since this machine is very oblivious to everything. One, Bubby is a WYVERN. They would literally be the same size as BT. Basically, you just exaggerated how much 'smart' is in BT if he can't see a wyvern right in front of him.

Also, CPU doesn't matter if the software on the CPU sucks. Like, you might have the most powerful CPU, but if there's a virus on there, it basically instantly gets rekt.

And before you go after about sentience, being sentient doesn't mean being smart. Sentience is simply self aware that you are doing what you are doing. Being smart is a completely much more broader sense involving memory, facts, calculation, etc.

Plus with the flower and bee stuff. All you have to do is choose the closest flower that is the most colorful, like bright red, that the bee has not touched yet, and boom. Bees go for the most nearest colorful flower for nectar, and that's with only biology needed, not a giant CPU.)
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*Opens hatch and exits ship*

"So... What can I do here? I am really interested in going somewhere... Doing something. Outside most likely.'

Animus Viral

*An attempt to take code off of a hard drive.*

Second said:
"Look at the elevator's sign. And think about where you want to go."
(Behold. The giant elevator signs. Oh gosh it's large.)
Please choose one of the options. This will not describe the entire sub level, but is somewhat a summary of it.

White - Top level with heavy defense.
Red - Security, Ammo Depot, Museum, Secondary Detainment Cells, Public Relations. (Also where you are.)
Orange - Conference Rooms, Cafeterias, (and Hazardous Chemicals.)
Yellow - Primary Power Supply (and Hazardous Chemicals.)
Green - Animal Pens, Arboretums (and even more Hazardous Chemicals.)
Blue - Barracks and Hibernation related devices. Also weapons testing.
Indigo - Secondary Power Supply. (And even more hazardous chemicals! Look, it takes a while to clean things without hurting the ecosystem.)
Violet - Memory Core. (Formerly where ICaRUS existed. And even more Hazardous Chemicals.)
Black - Waste disposal. (and a large glowing lake surrounded by barrel upon barrel of industrial toxic waste. After a period of neglect and deterioration, the once safely stored chemicals leaked out, forming this giant... lake. Combining the chemicals together along with nuclear radiation and other... substances, the toxic lake now has mutative properties of a unique and very unwholesome nature. This would not be a problem in itself if the lake was left alone, since for an animal to mutate, it would have to ingest the toxic substance. No creature in it's right mind would do this. Of course... Well... It's mentioned before by your truly.)

It also has a keypad on one of the wall, one side being the color coded section, while the other side had the numbers 0 - 9 on them, with an enter and reset button, probably for some sort of code. Probably, in order to access certain levels, you need a code.

*Goes to an office room to contact the Chief. Locking the door in the process.*

Animus Viral

*BT Kneels*
¨Have you seen my Pilot Jack Cooper.¨
*He displays a holographic image of Jack*
(Here you go. *Notices the end of the ¨Have you seen my Pilot Jack Cooper.¨ line has no question mark*

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