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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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"I see. Glad you all thought ahead."
*I'm almost done with the pictures*

((Gonna have Murph check in on people back at the base, in an attempt to have a bit more activity.))

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Welp. I'm assuming you have two of those. I haven't heard much of the Murph clones recently. Also since Kyoko is sleeping since the last post regarding her, I've had to swap her out with other characters temporarily. If you want to find them, they'd be in the living room with Alias being unconcious because Kyoko be trolling them until they go check on Alias.)


((I actually forgot they existed.))
((Also, it's moreso for the people stuck at base unable to do anything, I.E. Def, DiamondDude, you, and Ssnakke.))


*After I grab all my things, I go and talk to my dad*

Hey dad.

Hi Alpha.

I... have to go. I got all of my old stuff from my room.

Already? Well, it still was good to see you again. You've gotten so big.

Thank you.

You'll visit again, right?

Yeah. I'll visit again. *I hug dad*

*Hugs Alpha* Have a safe trip.

Thank you. See you soon, dad. *I head to Murph*

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Murphmario said:
((I actually forgot they existed.))
((Also, it's moreso for the people stuck at base unable to do anything, I.E. Def, DiamondDude, you, and Ssnakke.))
(Yeah but I can just progress with all my other factions, while everyone else is just stuck. Plus my character who is temporarily replacing Kyoko can just now complain about Kyoko and being here so I'm not actually stuck.

So F to everyone else.)

"This is sick. Everyone else can go to bed, but instead I get to be put here. Ugh... I know I asked to be able to stay up longer so I can work on my projects, but look after whatever this is isn't my project."
*Tinkering with gadgets, stopping after a few seconds.*
"And I don't have all my resources."
*Falls over.*
"This is just great. I don't have all my equipment, I have to look over this, and I have to stay up in some place that I don't know?! *Scoffs* I really need to get back to my laboratory."

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Reason why I said that is because Kyoko got a bit distracted with Alias to which she forgot she had a Magic Mirror from you.)
Murphmario said:
"Actually, I'm getting bored. Here."
*Hands pinktext person my Magic Mirror*
"You can use this to get the both of you back to the base. As for me, I'm just gonna run back. See you later!"
*Runs off*
(To which she basically forgot to return to you since not much interaction, since basically after that, the point where you two meet again is where the kitchen was, in which portal and pie throwing at Calamitas, and stuff. But eh.)
(Also since magic mirror makes the rwhee sound. IDK. It makes a sound.)
"What was that? Must be better than doing this, at the very least."
*Walks out of the living room to check on the sound of magic mirrors.*

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Well I don't see a go into the living room, and since people were around the kitchen last time, like Chir, Imma go assume you going to the kitchen instead of the living room. Also totally not growing some plant outside right now.)
"Hmm... It appears my window of opportunity has just opened. Surely nothing much can happen to the plant specimen thing, to which mean I should be able to do what I want right now, as long as I keep out of their sight, and return here when she come back. Now what to do? Hmm... the closest place where I won't get bothered is the cryolab, which honestly brings back some memories, since who wants to be in somewhere cold in which they could freeze to death?"
*Walks and sneaks to cryostorage.*

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(After some research, Nosako came back to life to attack the fire so nevermind. You will never know about what I'm talking about unless I was going to tell you or you have enough context clues *somehow* from that one line. Also since no one closed the freaking door because)
Murphmario said:
*The following events are before Murph goes back to where Alpha and Beta are*

*Notices Nosako collapse*
"...Shoot. Wish I should sort it out now, but don't want to keep the others waiting. I'll just leave Nosako as is right now."
(Yeah. The door is freaking open. I think at least. Doesn't matter either way since this dialogue could refer to multiple things.)

"Hmm... What type of health and safety standards are here? Stuff like this happens and they still have enough to afford this? Sigh. Anyways, I could probably make something out of this. Hmm..."

(Plus Alias is basically just on a couch permanently until Bubby comes back so I can't really do anything to him so not really abusing, since he will stay there, and I can't do anything to him anyways. Plus it's about the only person who was much more of a friend to Kyoko than about everyone else so that's about the only character that currently has a friendly bond with Kyoko. Ironic, the plant elemental I yelled about being impossible becomes the best friend of my favorite character.

Also realized Alias is the only character here who Kyoko knows by name before the portal to Alpha's home event, since Murph never spoke his name to her, even during the fire event.)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
"Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, they say. So maybe this might prove it. Yes, the Pop-Up Bomb! A small dirty bomb, well, technically it's not a dirty bomb, nothing radioactive for it yet, but with the amount of cryogenic devices and supplies in here, I can fashion it into a small cryogenic explosive. The problem is how to fit all that nitrogen in there...? It can't do much without having an actual supply of nitrogen on the go. The best it could do in my opinion right now is make a small mist of it, and even if it makes everything seem like a freezer, only those close to it would suffer the most consequences, instead of actually being able to subdue anything that attacks. Oh well. I guess other inventions are waiting to be created anyways."
*Begins to work on other things.*

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
*Mistform is doing his/her/its thing about being mist, and gathering knowledge about the base.*
*NEGIS is dead again because IDC*
*The creature is still tunneling around, consuming stuff and using the mines under the base as shelter.*
*Kyoko is sleeping.*
*X is still getting mizzium.*
*Second and General are still with Ssnakee and his ship.*
*The Shadows are still under orders of weaponizing since the titans thing.*
*You don't even pay attention to notes so Order of the Unstable is now basically useless.*
*Other characters are where they are supposed to be. Meaning no Vezon or Taka to talk to.*
*Foreign plant growing outside.*
*Also Aerean and Darkness are basically the people making a present for the anniversary of Calamity Adventure, and something else for the remake.*

(As for the other characters, Diamond awoke. That's about all I remember about him.
Chir left the portal, you'd probably find him there, if you can even see him in which I very much doubt.
Alpha should be with you, or close to you, since magic mirror
And Alias is just on the couch in the living room for the past weeks or a month IRL while you say I'm 'abusing' them when they are literally spending a very long time on the couch without much interference.)
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