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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Since I referred to the end, might as well make it more apparent at this point. Plus more refined, I guess. Not including stuff I did not have IP over. If you need context, look at the 4th wall, page 7.)

The plague, uncontrolled, even before the texa-sized fire, began to spread, plaguing most of the area north of the base. Without anyone finding the source, and extinguishing it, it spreaded with no restraints. It quickly turned to Plague Fusion, a substance that made the plague spread even further. The only civilization that was struck by this plague and survived was the Burrows.

Without the base heeding their warnings, the Order of the Unstable ceased all communications with the base. They will not contact people who do not acknowledge their existence, even if it was only through notes. They marked the place as inactive, and did not ever return to them.

The Shadows kept on developing new technology. General left the base with a copy of all their data, and Second returned empty handed. They later elected Tektus to run all Shadow operations in this world and then Second and General left, to receive further orders from the Chief. The data from the base lead the Shadows to search for points of interest, usually finding areas ransacked like the dragon ruins to seemingly nonexistent, like P-DON's base. Nonetheless, they became more military based, and began to enforce the laws that the Shadows have made. Using the SMT machines and their ability to turn coins into usable materials, they built a new nation, known only as 'Zayin', using survivors from the plagued north as population, while the military Shadow bases hid within them. Technology like Plague Fusion Nanos can now be seen patrolling the city, keeping the Plague at bay.

The Master later was reincarnated, and their reign began again. Endseeker and Hopeless returned to the Master's side. Hunting out traitors, they seeked to hunt down Aerean, and Darkness. They have not accomplished this assassination, and probably never will.

F-Stop, despite its loss of ICaRUS, still prospered, paving the way to more advanced robotics, and more deadly devices.

GDL labs was forgotten. Without the help of the base, the device hidden inside became unstable, and resulted in a powerful explosion, the nearby swamps now have a large crater in it.

The Zetan ship Tether was back up and running thanks to the inhabitants of the ship. With that, Tether once again flew and headed for the cosmos, who knows what happened to it?

V. Teridax was never again seen in this world until two decades later.

Vezon returned to his world, made madder by what has happened here, and now with the experience of combat, became a chaotic but effective mercenary.

Makuta Teridax left back to his world, spreading the lessons of this world to his own. He, however, disliked this world, and he made it quite clear not to repeat the mistakes in which it taught silliness near serious technology can result in more devastation.

Taka was later killed by the Master's Forces, ironically by his own bloodline.

Atom and Neutra, now the monster they are, left for other civilization. They were then captured by the Shadows and used for experiments.

Glitched Teridax began evacuating this world of the forgotten, fulfilling his role as Charon of the Backstage. Now, the backstage had more characters that it has ever had, but despite this cursed world, the forgotten saw old friends, and rejoiced at their reunion. It doesn't matter now that they are recycled, now that they have each other for company.

Kyoko was the only one who stayed behind, out of the entire crew of Tether. X and the crew said their goodbyes, and left. Now, Kyoko is here, looking over her friend, Alias.

With that, marks an end for what I have made. Been fun while it lasted, but at this point...
Well, time will tell for me.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(In a way, yes, in a way no.
The *current* time is still the same, if you say current time is Murph coming home with groceries.
The times of certain "endings" would take time, but would inevitably happen.

And the Plague has spread that far given the amount of time people be ignoring it. So its status is current.

At the current time, the construction of Zayin is underway, not complete.

Master is semi-current, or in progress.

GDL is current.

Most of the characters endings are current. Only one that is not is V. Teridax.

Either way, bye.)​
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((If this doesn't come back, then IDK what to do. The successor attempts didn't work, and I don't know if this will come back, which makes me sad.))

Edit: ((If we do try another successor, then we sould try and find what caused the orhers to fail.))
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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Edit: ((If we do try another successor, then we sould try and find what caused the orhers to fail.))
(We've tried to find that before.
What I think it was that made CA popular was the existence of Social Groups, and when that went gone, many people left, and so the popularity slowly decreased over time for CA.
Plus if you want to think about Planeswalk, and why it failed, it was mainly because not much people joined:
Orifan1, who didn't do much as Dart.
Defure, who kept out of most of the action.
Halt, Diamond, and me were the only people who were active on Planeswalk

also people kept commenting about MAYBE joining, something that was brought up so many times, I can clearly remember it, but nope, never freaking joined, which in honesty, greatly and incredibly infuriated and frustrated me.)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Shameless advertising.)
(In seriousness for Murph's thing, I don't think one person can 'fix' the tcf roleplay great depression.

Also ding for my thing.)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Ah, screw it.)

"What’s on your mind? Isn’t the air sweeter than before? May I have a cup of coffee?


Ah, much better. I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee in the morning. You’re not offended with the way I talk to you or anything, are you?"
"Not really."
"Hmm. I find it quite odd you want the head of the welfare team to deliver a package. Though, in a way, it makes sense, given the context you gave me. Seems everyone there simply went to a mindset similar to mine. Everyone who comes will be replaced soon, so what is the meaning of investing the effort to them? There's no point in making friends if they are going to disappear anyways."
*Takes a few more sips of their coffee.*
"Well, can you send it?"
"It's going to be sent early. No point in prolonging something that could be sent now. Gives time to misplace it or forget about it. Best to do it efficiently and as fast as possible."
"Don't seem sad. You still get to hide away while everything going on is going on. It will be delivered. I'll send word to Beak for the delivery."
*Sips coffee.*


"With my infinite hatred, I give you this gift."
A few many presents are placed in front of the base. Gifts goes as follows.

Ssnakee - A entire set of beepers to help you get people where you want to go. Meaning you can have beepers on everyone you meet and get them to get back to whatever base you have or whatever, to help you with getting attention to your events. Use multiverse stuff to get it to your other characters.
Sophia/Bubby - Rhythm games, so have a VR Helmet with two beat saber sabers. Plus a set of light cube thingos and spike balls from beat saber.
Borealis - Have your bucket of souls of night with interest back.
Alias - You get three green triangles that form an ionizing radiation symbol. Reminds you of something, probably. Who knows.
Goldenstripe - You get celestial fragments since that lore of being Alias after Lunatic Cultist or something. Though, this gift is only to you, and you only. Don't be sharing now.
Newton - Pudding.
Newnot or whatever that ralsei newton thing was - Have a copy of Teridax's healing book he got from Wither's Plague Flyer.
Defure, even though not here - Armor, as to protect soft insides, emotions and feelings, surround it with a coat of steel.
Chir - Can't really give anything because how would they know?
Lavin, even again not here - Your toggle invisible helmets. Because for some reason I remember that.
Jennifer - Your pendant again. Don't remember you taking it back, so here you go.
Alpha - Have a creation crystal. Basically use that to do a summoning like in The A.C. but you can warp the result to your mind because why not. It appears as the blue crystal that somehow summoned the Stardust Dragon in the beginning of the RP, though given the ability alteration, it's obviously different.
Beta - Here's another crystals given how many The A.C. characters I have seen you use.
UltiSlayer, even though not here as obvious - An alarm clock. Plus a rock saying "Thanks.". Also, since I have basically no other thing here for you that you don't already have that would fit your character, have an EGO set from me.
"Positivity" (Both the weapon and armor are called 'Positivity'. Uncreative? Obviously.)
Weapon - It appears as a glowing green sword projection, similar to Ultislayer's sword, though smaller and weaker.
"A sword of an unknown humanoid species.
It gleams of light and hope.
Perhaps it can cut through despair of all types."
Armor - It appears to be a suit of white armor with green glowing outlines and circles in a tech like pattern.
"Wearing this suit gives hope to its wearer, preventing despair from taking over.
However, a feeling of drowsiness or tiredness will affect the wearer, possibly resulting in a habit of fainting."
Murphmario - You get Justice, a blade that an fuse and unfuse with any other blade. It is supposed to show the most just person is out there. Like its previous form, it seeks to bring peace.
Nosako, even though not here - You get a stand arrow oh wait you already have a stand. Welp. Get a 1-Up mushroom just in case. Use it when you need to.
Dart - A megaphone, enjoy.
Program - Another 1 Up mushroom. Ever since the Alias dabbing, I've become worried.

(Welp. Here you go, your presents. Might as well do it now than later where I forget about it. Have fun with that, if at all.
When people have seen the end of the worlds before, it's quite hard to give them a present that kinda says thanks for playing, at least for me, so if you don't like it, I can give you the receipt.)
(What an RP this was... How sad it came to an end... I hope the best for all of you who have participated through its lifespan, and I hope you, Animus, find a time to return back to the roleplaying scape. I hope that it is a better place that can more appreciate the level of effort that goes into your work.

Most of all, I hope that something of this magnitude can be achieved once again... Some day. Many people here have made friends, and this has brought people together. I hope everyone has had a memorably experience... A positive one at that.

I now close by waving farewell to everyone on the TCF roleplaying section. It's been fun. It's time for me to move on. I hope everyone has a great rest of your day.

Goodbye. You may see me elsewhere, but I may not log into this account for a very, very long time.)


((Not sure if that's going to happen. And even if it does, I'd say a lot of the people on here (including myself) have moved on to TBGs or otherwise just left.))

I try out the sword's special abilities, before realizing something...
"Wait... isn't this just Soul's weapon?"

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(We are falling a bit behind reality here thinking Bubby can save the day. As something: Murphmario and Ssnakee is already more focused on TBGforums, with Ssnakee might as well be completely off TCF at this point. I have been taking a relaxed hiatus, since I am still going to appear here now and then to check up on things and respond to things, plus checking in case of any updates on the actual game of Terraria, and will completely return if the RP forums somehow get better, or if anyone has a better solution than trying to make another blank canvas no one wants, given Planeswalk and Stories of Raelm being previous experience. Halt I think is the same with Murphmario and Ssnakee, though not too sure. Defure and UltiDaniel are still here, though they are more focused on Neo Trans. and probably won't appear here again, at the very least, for a 'while'. Stacy/DiamondDude, since they share accounts, are still here but are more focused on Neo Trans. as well.
I guess Bubby was the life of the party, and when she left, so did that. I guess it was her constant levity with events that kept this alive, since she never really took anything seriously concerning some... events that come to mind. But bringing the life of the party back is useless without the other party members/goers/other word to describe someone at a party. If it's any reconciliation, she is still somewhat active on the book site where she put up her main book, given recent conversation, so you can try to ask her anything about the RP forums there, though you might have to wait a while before getting a response. If you need to know where the link to the book place is, it's on her profile as her website, I believe.
Also, me being brutally honest in the sense I'm not going to bother sugarcoating my words, I really don't think there is anything else that can be done here in the RP, since everything. The world has been defined so much, and while we do still have an infinite amount of land, sea, sky to tread upon, I fear that that won't be enough when you have to travel farther and farther every time, and the fact that everyone else just stays in the base. And not only the base, but the group themselves, since they don't pay much attention to other characters who try to join. The other characters who join are like those characters you get as an extra from summons but you basically never use them once in your entire life since you already have a team of characters that you already use. "Seems everyone there simply went to a mindset similar to mine. Everyone who comes will be replaced soon, so what is the meaning of investing the effort to them? There's no point in making friends if they are going to disappear anyways." Guess that's something we might need to work on. Not only the RP forums, but ourselves so we can pay more attention to others.
Ah, well, I guess this would be the foreseeable end. Been prepared to see it, but it still leaves a bad taste.
Also if this double posts, I blame my internet.)

Also, yes with the exception that it deals pale damage, no matter what sword it is equipped with. I'll let you think about what pale damage means. (Probably going to think it's like damage to pale people or something but eh. I really don't care. I'm at this point, very done with having context. The original idea was giving you a different gun, but since you like to use the megashark a lot more, probably, I kinda said no afterwards. I'm not the person who enjoys giving clothes though, despite me basically giving clothes in some of the presents, but... Welp. There's my train of thought going out to nowhere.)
Plus I'm uncreative given what I already withhold from this place.


((The sword deals extra damage to enemies in Hallownest's White Palace, not that it counts for much since out of the three enemy types you encounter there, one type doesn't even try and hurt you and another has pretty much infinite health. Also fair enough.))

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Ah, so why am I back? Well, simply put, I miss roleplaying. Other reasons for me 'lurking' as people would say is extracting memories and using them in future projects.
Though, after time, I thought of something. Even if Bubby returns, when she sees that no one really cares about CA anymore, wouldn't that cause her to leave either way, since no one is here to do anything with whatever she does?
Well, in the case that she might return, and to attempt to cement the chances that she would stay, well, here's another attempt. Because, I guess we can't just rely on one person, right? If no one cooperate, then it's pointless, right? Then, here's my cooperation.

I have questioned why it took only Bubby to leave to make everything go under, but I guess it's the amount of effort she puts into her stuff. I guess we haven't been putting too much effort into our things recently. Oh well. Even if this proves to be futile, and people really don't care, I guess going out doing what you like doing is the best way to do things.

That doesn't even seem to make sense to me.

Anyways, I'm going back to basics. I'm not going to be bound to any rules about how I should do stuff, I'm just going to play. Not going to have turns or whatever, just roleplay as if it was before. Roleplay for the sake of roleplaying, not to attempt to keep it alive, even though it will be in the back of my mind. Just roleplay for no other reason than to do it and try to make something.

Ugh. Not good with words. I very much despise myself for this.

Plus I noticed the end of CA came around the same time as Planeswalk's appearance, so with Planeswalk out, well, maybe... IDK.

Welp. Whether or not this is futile or not, for hope, here I go.
Let's see how long until I despair yet again.)

<<The memories of all Sephirahs are synchronized>>

"Well, there's the presents delivered."
"Um... Ms. Isabelle?"
"Seems that... well, they don't seem to be very much um... Well... Motivated. And... um..."
"Go on."
"What I am saying is that... Well, they just seem to be dying on the inside. Like they aren't... happy."
"Well, what are you saying? That we are delivering presents to people who don't feel... well, enthused?"
"Can't you give them something to do? You are the Sephirah of the Welfare Team, after all. It's kinda your job to make people comfortable."
"...To prevent epidemics and secondary infections caused by illnesses, we carry out preventive measures and work on welfare such as physical fitness and mental health of employees. In-house welfare is the best value our company pursues. But I don't think that would apply to those outside of the company."
"I know, I know. It's not what she would have wanted if we were to go turn our backs. Give a report to Twilight when she gets back about this. I'll go see what they are up to, and give them something to do later if needed."
"Thanks, Isabelle."

After a few moments...
The Sephirah of the Welfare Team arrives at the base. She has gray shoulder length hair. Her eyes are brown with bags beneath, showing fatigue. She dresses in a suit styled after the late 19th or early 20th century, along with a gray cravat secured with a button. She wears a gray jacket with a white collar and black trim above black slacks. She also wears a grey armband with the first letter of her Sephirah name, "I," on it. She almost always have her coffee mug with her, filled with coffee.

"Hello? Anyone home?"
The Sephirah takes a few sips of her coffee.
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