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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
I walk over to the room with the vials, and leave within just a second, and lay down in a hidden area that only a Sackperson could enter. I fall asleep rather fast, due to the mana.
(The base is managed by NEGIS and their machines so it's not hidden.)

I kill the Ebonian Slime God, scoop up Bori, and rush inside to the room with the vials. (Let's call it the lab.) "Does anyone have a Mana Potion? Bori's getting sick from the lack of energy in her body!"
Here you go.


The Destroyer
(The base is managed by NEGIS and their machines so it's not hidden.)

Here you go.
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(Well by hidden I mean you'd need to look really close to notice it's a hole.)

Slowly opening my eyes, I mutter something that nobody can understand. It's just gibberish. I go right back to sleep.

"Uh, maybe not that kind, Murph is making the kind Bori needs." I observe Borealis as she gibbers sleepily.

I shudder, having nightmares of being attacked by a horde of slimes.

Noticing Bori's fear, I sit down and sing a song in the tune of the Harry Potter theme song. However, the lyrics are in another language, either Latin, Miniontese (the language of the Minions), or Skysonian (the language hybrid clones are created in. The way this works is that hybrid clones know a secret language and speak fluently in it, as well as the languages of their sources).


The Destroyer
*hears singing and walks towards that direction* Hey, is he ok?
"I'm fine. It's just, hybrid clones are created knowing a special language of our kind, often called Skysonian because the majority of hybrid clones come from space or alternate dimensions."
*Comes back with a miniature version of a Mana Potion (the Terraria kind.)*
*Gives the potion to Bubby* "Here you go."
"You didn't need to make it small, but okay." I summon a bite-size chocolate chip cookie (Bori's favorite sweet) and tap a few drops onto it.

I wake up to soothing music in a different language and the smell of a chocolate chip cookie, and mumble something gibberish. It seems like the fact that I have none of any energy of any kind has reduced my speaking ability to gibberish.

I nudge Borealis with the cookie to get her attention.

I turn around to the feeling of being nudged, and see Bubby is offering me a chocolate chip cookie. Weakly, I grab it, attempting and failing to say, 'thank you.' I bite into the cookie and immediately feel a rush of energy. Feeling this rush of energy makes me yell a startled "OH MY GOODNESS!"

I beam when I hear Bori's success in speaking proper English. Her energy is already coming back, especially with the mana potion.

I wake up and hear Borealis yelling.


The Destroyer
I walk over to Borealis, who had gotten out of Nenowt's scarf.

Spotting Newton, I walk over to him. However, I trip over a wire (?) and knock something over. It's a tiny vial of Gender Change Potion, which gets all over Newton.

"Ugh! What is this stuff?" As I speak, my voice is changing. "What's going on with my voice?" It's becoming feminine. "Uh, is that the potion I thought it was?" I am standing in a puddle of the potion.


The Destroyer
Oh, and I an Britney Spears.
He teleports in front of you, landing a very powerful puchp yelling.
In reaction, I shine a light from my hands that gives you a flashback of when I told you that you were family in my eyes back in Random Forum Fights.

"Uh, guys, help?"


Skeletron Prime
He stops.
((He was REALLY upset that you woke him up, and the first thing that he encounter is that being a Planeswalker (and so, doing stuff he can't) is common))
Lavin and Def get to base, they're not hurt, but they didn't bring back anything either.


Duke Fishron
(My default text color is for Def, this and this are for Lavin.)
"We don't have anything. Also, who are they?" Def points towards the new arrivals.
"And what's happened here while we were out?"
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