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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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Animus Viral

I've got an idea about those explosive vials. Perhaps two chemicals are separated by a thin glass screen in the vial. That way, when it breaks, the two chemicals combine and cause the reaction without the probability of exploding prematurely.


*Has made an Obsidian Shield, a pair of Lightning Boots (still need the ice skates for Frostspark Boots), and has combined the Ring of Light and the Ring of Shadows into the Ring of Balance, allowing for the abilities of both to be toggled on and off though the mind of it's wearer*

Animus Viral

Both are possible, or maybe they just work with aliens.
Also, the power inside this thing isn’t mana, or electricity, for that matter, and whatever it is it sure is powerful.
*mutter to himself* That could be some sort of suspended, organic power source. (How does Teridax know about that conversation? Through the bug that Alpha put on Murph. How does he know about that? NEGIS is overseeing most of the entire base. So it's not hard for NEGIS to find out about stuff like that. Especially that Alpha doesn't really have other computers to use to keep an eye on you people anyway.)
Edit:(For you who want to know for whatever reason, Teridax is in the base.)
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They are going fine. Teridax told me a way to make sure they don’t accidentally explode. I think I’m almost finished with them.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
Suddenly, Bubby, Newton, Nenowt, and Borealis appear.

"What- oh, here. It's this world again. Long time... No see." (Crimson is Bubby.)

"What is this world anyway?" (Red is Borealis.)

"Is this part of the Imagisphere? Everything's huge." (Yellow is Newton.)

"Well, time for another adventure." (Green is Nenowt.)

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
Borealis uses red text.
Bubby uses crimson text.
Nenowt uses green text.
Newton uses yellow text.
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Skeletron Prime
"I've tried that. their power grid runs on some sort of energy that isint simply turned off. that, or ghoul keeps turning it back on the moment i disable it."
If i’m Not wrong, the power source is the same as that in this battery, and if so, you won’t be able to turn it off.
It’s powered by pure starlight, which is really just really strong sunlight, if i’m not wrong, and in that case you’ll need energized wet dirt to nullify it.


"Look, if it functions on electricity I'll either be able to control the powergrid, or draw power from it for myself, or both."


"I think people are outside. You all stay here while I go check things out."
*Opens up door and sees Bubby's group*
"Uhh... are you all monsters, or are those just some really high-tech Halloween costumes? Or both?"

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer

"Actually, Newton's a lightbulb-headed Sack Boy, Borealis is a Sack Girl, and Nenowt is a Hybrid Clone." I gesture towards everyone as I speak. "Can we go inside, Murph?"
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