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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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Wither Dracos

Official Terrarian
[Another loud sound is heard, this time an ear-piercing shriek. In the distance, a green, bird-like creature, twice the size of a real-life eagle, is circling around the area where the blue lights are.]

[Suddenly, it stops, flying in one place, shrieking at a certain location towards the ground.]


Duke Fishron
Lavin would definitely fall to the ground by now if it hadn't already happened and seems to be in a lot of pain now.

Wither Dracos

Official Terrarian
[The green creature continues to fly in on spot, shrieking at the area of the blue light. It periodically swoops down into the forest, as if attacking something, only to come back up with nothing.]

[It seems to be emitting something from its wings, but it's hard to tell at this distance.]

Wither Dracos

Official Terrarian
(Also, hey, I don't know if this is a touchy subject, but is this strictly Calamity based, or can I/we add a few twists here and there?)



Official Terrarian

(mind if i join?)

A few trees rustled in the distance, a line of blue and gray scorch marks lay beneath the trees which were shaken.
The figure seemed to become closer, and closer, until it was only one or two trees away.

Wither Dracos

Official Terrarian
[As Lavin laid in the ground in pain, the loud screeching suddenly stopped....]

[In the distance, the green creature stopped pursuing whatever it was going after, and started rushing towards the main group's direction.]

*A faint growling sound is heard...
A dryad, Fyregem, looks up from her sketchbook when she senses the danger. Arising quickly with staff in hand, the young blonde follows the source, and her bright blue eyes widen at the scene before her. A great beast was fast approaching a group of travelers and a wounded dragon, and it was clearly hostile. They wouldn't make it in time!


"A-ah! Watch out!!" The female cries, nimbly makes her way to the group, and wasting no time she raises her staff overhead, summoning a protective, healing barrier around them all in time. It was a temporary barrier, but it would hold long enough for them to be buffed and their wounds mended ...
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She takes to Lavin's side, and checks the dragon's vitals; a pulse was still, thankfully, there. But just barely. Taking out a Life Fruit from her hip satchel, Fyregem holds it out close to Lavin so that they may eat without trouble.


"Please, eat this. It will help revitalize you." she says in a gentle tone, her expression kind.
Seeing as how Lavin was indeed unconscious, the dryad carefully opens the dragon's mouth just enough to place the fruit upon their tongue, and stays by their side to make sure they'll be okay. The barrier holds strong, but she is unsure how much longer that it will remain so ...

(Oh! Does Lavin have a gender? I'm sorry if I'm misgendering :dryadindifferent:)


Duke Fishron
(Lavin does have one, but I'll only refer to them by that gender once it's revealed in character. Like I did with the name.)
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