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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

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Following a set of cryptic condiment mysteries, we return once again to this wasteland here that is likely hell reincarnated.

Xaniel, Cyprian, and Kiro all sat at the hand-carved wooden table inside the captain’s quarters watching television from the boxy tv. There wasn’t much on. Vines were growing on the walls of the ship. A few days ago, Cyprian accidentally unleashed his nature magic and the whole ship was infested with plants. It made for a lot of good salads and veggie-burgers, but it was also pretty annoying to clean up.

Suddenly, the door burst open, with Hyatt standing with a bewildered expression on his face. He had a scrying bowl in his hands, and it was obvious that he was making an effort to not spill any of the liquid-- he even used his foot to kick open the door.

“Guys,” Hyatt said excitedly, “I got a message!”

Immediately, Cyprian and Kiro turned their attention to Hyatt. Xaniel did too after Cyprian grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

Hyatt reached into whatever arcane scrying liquid was in the bowl and a piece of yellowed paper emerged from it. Immediately, it dried in the air. Hyatt placed the bowl of scrying liquid onto the wooden table and began to read from the paper.

“One word is not a post. One word is not an action. One word does not sustain the air around someone,” Cyprian read, “I will not waste my inspiration on a world like this. Until the foreseeable future, I leave this rotting world to you.”

“The gods don’t like how things are, eh?” Kiro chuckled, “I can’t blame them. I wonder what this inspiration is for them?”

“More importantly, we’re on our own,” Cyprian said, “And do you feel that in the air?”

Kiro and Xaniel stared blankly at Cyprian while Hyatt tried to perceive some unperceivable idea. Cyprian didn’t blame them for their inexperience. This was the first world that Kiro had been in. Xaniel had been forcibly ejected rather than seeing the world come to a slow end. And Hyatt, while he did experience it, only felt it once. As a Professor of the Circle, Cyprian had dealt with the feeling of the energy of the world fading time and time again.

“It’s the taste of stagnation,” Cyprian said, “It feels almost like the air itself has become still.”

“Does that mean we succeeded? Whoo!” Xaniel tipped backward in his chair, and one of the legs broke, causing Xaniel to crash against a wall. His skull was thick enough to withstand it though.

“Not quite,” Kiro guessed, “If this is what stagnation feels like, this world has survived through it before. Remember that feeling a few months back?”

“Huh, you may be right,” Xaniel said as he got back up and took another vacant chair next to him. It was usually Hyatt’s chair, but they had more to worry about at the moment. “Why is it that you’re always the smart one? Why can’t I get to understand the deeper meanings of this world?”

“Well, first off, stop bonking your head into walls,” Kiro said, “Invest in a proper weapon rather than a barstool--”

“Says the person using bananas as a weapon,” Cyprian chuckled.

“Fair, fair,” Kiro admitted. He turned his attention towards Xaniel, “Dude, take notice in how you’re already much smarter than you care to admit. And you have the resilience of a bull. I could never compete with that.”

Before Xaniel could sink too deep into the flattery, Cyprian turned their attention to something in the corner. It was like a hospital bed, fully encased in glass. There seemed to be some lasers protruding from the glass on the inside.

“This is a body-copier,” Cyprian said, “If we are truly left on our own, and we want to go elsewhere, this is what we’ll use. We can send copies of our bodies into other worlds, and once they return, we can assess their memories.”

“Memories…?” Kiro asked, “Wouldn’t that just be a sensory overload for us when we get back?”

“No, it’s kinda like the opposite of forgetting your dreams,” Cyprian explained, “We should be fine. And our bodies here can still chill out while we’re doing it.”

“Fantastic,” Hyatt, who had been listening but not participating, suddenly chipped in with a smile, “I’d just like to say, I’m glad to have spent time in this hellish world with the three of you.”

“Yes, I suppose I am too,” Kiro said. It was a funny thing. Originally, the four of them had exact opposite goals. Hyatt and Cyprian opted for the conservation of this world while Kiro and Xaniel opted for its destruction. Then, slowly, bit by bit, the four of them found themselves bonding together as friends. Those opposing opinions were just a drop in a pool of water now. The four of them would still together like glue, regardless of their differing ideas.

With the future uncertain, the four of them (after repairing the broken chair) leaned back and relaxed in their floating ship. Cyprian made everyone some Diet Cokes (which was very easy for the nature alchemist), and the four of them basked in the feeling of contentment. If the world around them crumbled to pieces, then their purpose in this world would be fulfilled.

If not… well, June 31st, 10AM JST. Mark that day and time on the calendar. It's after stupid online school will be over.

Also, you foolish munchkins should understand that you can’t let a roleplay die because of one person’s lack of participation. Find an alternative route. Make new characters and see the world in another point of view.

I have hope for you, even if I do long to see the end.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
"It's a tradition, passed down from generation to generation, to record stories and to pass them down."
He looked at the console, monitoring. This world became dormant. It did not collapse, not yet. Not everything went to ruin.
It merely stopped. And while a few would like to see it burn, clearly, it wouldn't work. Not until the end of everything else. Only then, would this world know true ruin.
As he watched the monitor that the robot allowed him to see, a simple metaphor came to mind, being the phoenix. After all, after it died, it returned to a peaceful stage, until its time came again. This world is the same. The peaceful stage, where conflict was limited. Only the heartbeats of the world as it continued to live silently as dormant, regardless of who said otherwise.

Even if the world met fiery retribution, it wouldn't truly die, as it would always have something dangling off the cliff, holding on to life. No matter how many times those before, present, and future try to destroy this world, the only way it can die, is if something else greater died. Greater than the 'gods' of the world. Bigger than this world. Only then, could this world truly fall to ruin.

Seeing this continuous cycle, he took comfort. After all, no matter what happened, there could always be a day where it thrived again. May not be here, tomorrow, or the next year. Maybe not ever. But the fact that there is a chance, even when everything turned to nothingness. Even when what the Master wished could be accomplished. It gave hope. And from hope, any belief, thought, action, and many others can rise again.

Clearly, the world was dormant. Was it truly dead? No, for its corpse was still here. 'Cells' that were still living in the bigger. And while the body died, it did not mean all of the cells died. The hope that a single cell, could bring this back to its glory, while seemingly minuscule, was still possible.

And no matter what, even if all tried to burn this world, it could simply begin again, in the end.

Knowing that while this may be steps for something that is already dead, the fact that the steps even happen show that even if something is dead, it could still continue. Begin Again. Let go of the Old World Blues. And in their Honest Hearts, walk a new Lonesome Road, a road only they could take. To a new world. It comforted him. And while the machine had its doubts, as closest as probabilities could get, he still believed that even in this world, anything could Begin Again, and look forward to New World Hope.

But not now. The world was still dormant, sleeping, or dead. But either way, there is always a chance. Always a chance. He smiled, as he continued to watch the console, waiting...

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(I have done an ending for my own things already. As for you, do as you wish, as long as it doesn't affect the other 'endings' to things.)

Ocram Execution


Its unknown of the position of the demon Burst, maybe he died...… maybe he went on a adventure of his own..... but who knows.....

The last sign of him is unknown...…

THE END! (proceed to finish some endings PEEPS)


It isn't quite known where Gan and the others went. Some of them may have managed to get back to where they'd come from or lived as explorers. Ganransu and Chen disappeared and haven't been seen again ever since. Fonaris would leave as well, becoming a traveler and fading from the memories of the people who knew him. It's unknown whether Ganransu, Chen, or Fonaris are still alive and no trace has been found of them since...
Maybe there will be more adventures. Some may rise up and even try to find Ganransu and her partners, but all attempts have failed. Even then, there will always be those who become travelers. Maybe someday, Ganransu may be found, but she's never been seen since and there will be more people out there that can fill her place. Maybe there will be more, but the story has ended for the others

(As a note, Gan is on the level of a person who just vanished. The same goes for the others and their futures are uncertain)
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((Not sure if we should do a continuation of this someday or not. Either way, probably would be a whiles away when we do continue this.))

*As for Murph... he's still stuck in the Fallout Realm.*

Boop Noodle

Pixel Privateer
As for Vanesska, the strange floran who ended up stranded on the planet, they vanished into the stars. perhaps to wage war on the Ocassus, perhaps to found a town on another planet. they left behind no trace except for a small ruined house. Who knows, maybe you could come visit them some day.

((and today, we say goodbye to a legend of roleplays, at least for now.))


Alpha has returned to her home, after exploring the things she wanted to. Beta and Tsuyoi continue to do things in the engineering firm, while Sigma continues to establish relations with other nations. Chisana is still in the army.

Well, I wish I got to see Murph one last time before I left. I had something to tell him. *I pull out a familiar picture*

Alpha? Are you okay?

Yeah, I’m fine dad. Just... I miss someone.

You’ll see them again someday. *Walks over to Alpha and gives her a hug*

Yeah, hopefully. Thank you, Dad.

((And there is my finale. Hopefully we can continue someday. We’ve been through a lot.))


((Had a thought about this yesterday night before going to sleep; maybe if this ever comes back, we could put a spin on things to maybe make this more fresh. And also possibly go back a bit more towards this RP's Terraria roots.))

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(And so has many characters disappear without a trace, like Murph, since no one seems to remember anything about where he went in character, or Teridax, because in character ignorance.

So, people disappearing is not a big deal in this RP, unlike irl.)
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