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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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  • What is a chicken nugget wand?

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You are inside a little house I built. There is a bunch of weird stuff going on right now, like the blue light and a weird rustling noise coming from the woods.


Where does it hurt? *starts to look around Lavin's body, searching for any damage*
(Also, hey, I don't know if this is a touchy subject, but is this strictly Calamity based, or can I/we add a few twists here and there?)

(no it isn't. I put Calamity in the name to tell that this roleplay will have stuff from the Calamity mod in it, and I don't care if we put plot twists or not.)


*grabs some healing potions and bandages and wraps Lavin's wing and pours some potion on it* Let's see if this helps.
(So Is this like a snowy forest? Or specifically just woods? I just wanna ask before my next post.)
(Just plain old woods, unless you want it to be snowy)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
*Comes from picking herbs, vegetables, and fruit*
Ralsei Expression YAY.jpg
Hi! I'm back!
*notices Lavin*
Ralsei Expression WHOA.png
Oh it seems you need help, here some healing herbs!
*gives herbs to Lavin*


Official Terrarian
(Alright, thanks.)

She pulled back her hood as the door opened, revealing
a small child with long brown hair. "Could I help?" She
pointed to Lavin.
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