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OOC Roleplaytale: an Undertale RP! Random stuff thread.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
*Recently, there seems to be some kind of human-monster hybrid.
*They have mostly the appearance of humans, but with magic and traits of monsters.
*Do you like them? Do you hate them? Or are you one of them?

Here you make your character, bicker about bullcrap, yell at me, eat pianos, and sing about Megalovania memes. Also, http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/roleplaytale-an-undertale-rp-actually-doing-things-thread.78122
Uwaey du ata duwa duwa

Just kidding. Application:

First Name or Nickname:
Full Name:
Location: (Any canon Area in UNDERTALE)
Age: (Use 'Unknown' if you are playing a canon character whose age is not yet revealed)
Personality: (What do you act like?)
Race: (Human, Human-Monster Hybrid, Hybrid Monster, or Monster. Technically the skelebros are human-monster hybrids.)
Speech Font: (What font do you talk in? Default is Determination. The forum font is Arial.)
Appearance: (Use an image if you have it. Different expressions are allowed. If you have no image, describe what your character looks like the best you can.)
Magic: (Do you have magic? If not, use 'no.' If so, describe all your attacks the best you can.)
Battle Theme: (The song that potentially plays when a player fights you, or always plays when Frisk fights you.)

Example character:
First Name or Nickname: Bubby
Full Name: Bubby Lightshadow Aurora
Location: Any location
Age: 12
Personality: Bubby is secluded, secretive, and sometimes destructive. She is very open to her friends and tries not to show her monster side very often. She's very easy to anger, and loves the thrill of the fight.
Race: Human-Monster Hybrid
Speech Font: Crimson Italic Arial
[Fire Rain]
[Fire Circles]
[Inferno's Shadow]
Similar to Sans' Gaster Blasters in that it fires a beam, but instead of light coming from a floating dragon skull, there is purple fire that rushes onto the battle board from a larger fireball.
[Shadow Storm]
Large purple fireballs fall out of the sky, exploding into smaller purple fireballs apon entering the bullet board. The smaller fireballs zoom straight in the direction they were spawned in.
[Broken Shadow]
SOUL turns yellow as Bubby raises her hands, creating destructible purple fireballs that swirl around for a moment before falling into the bullet board where the SOUL can shoot them.
[Unstoppable Fury]
Bubby claps her hands in a praying motion, causing huge volleys of purple fireballs to zoom into the bullet board and also shaking the area a little.
[True Chaos Sabers]
Just like Chaos Sabers but with purple fire, the attack is faster and the animation is way different.
Battle Theme:
(All Routes) Virtue's Vengeance
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Name: Alpha
Full Name: Alpha
Location: The bottom of Mt. Ebott, outside the ruins (starting area of Undertale)
Age: ?
Personality: Quiet and shy, doesn’t trust monsters
Race: Human
Speech Font: This is the speech font
Magic: none, but has tiny knife
?????? Form: You’ll know the attacks if you can guess this form and if you fought this boss
Battle theme:
Human form - Heartache
Chara takes over: Megalo strike back
?????? Form: Hopes and dreams
If the image is broken, just reference the one on the left side of my profile pic
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I’m genuinely excited for this. Im loving Undertale more than I thought I would. I’m doing a true pacifist run right now, and boy is it hard.


Eye of Cthulhu
First Name or Nickname: Program
Full Name: HacknetOS 2.0 Project production model #1
Location: snowdin
Age: behavior-wise, and cellular-growth-wise, he's 16 (or, the spirit guardian version of 16). physically, he has only been alive for 22 months.
Personality: takes things seriously, yet is still somehow lovable (as seen in calamity (seriously how did you people get attached to him?)
Race: Monster. specifically, augmented artificial organism (spirit guardian)
Speech Font: i would say kremlin (hacknet font), but unfortunately, i have no idea how to get TCF to allow me to type in that font, so ill stick with Arial until i can figure it out.

one difference to note with the above image: unlike Ori, Program has hind paws
Magic: when he overclocks himself, program's CPU performance can be enhanced to the point where he can manipulate the physical world and summon lethal streams of data to fight with. his exact moveset would be a spoiler for calamity, so i hope you can forgive me for not going into detail
but, if i were to describe what it would look like in undertale's combat system, i would say that you would think that you were playing Just Shapes and Beats
but when he isint overclocked, theres always the router yo-yo. and hacking.
Battle Theme: his battle theme is dependant on the DnD allignment of the character he is fighting
ok so the urls broke again. so no more hidden behind spoiler. its hidden behind a quote instead
character is "lawful-chaotic good":
character is "lawful neutral" :
character is "true neutral" :
character is "chaotic neutral" :
character is "lawful-chaotic evil" :
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Eye of Cthulhu
I'm gonna have to ask that you research stuff on Undertale, if you're going to rp this XD
ok. after adding something to my search history that i thought i would never search for ("undertale wiki"), i have used that info to edit my application


*Recently, there seems to be some kind of human-monster hybrid.
*They have mostly the appearance of humans, but with magic and traits of monsters.
*Do you like them? Do you hate them? Or are you one of them?
I am kinda confused on the lore and how this works. Can you explain with some more depth and such?

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
How is that confusing? The fact that there is human-monster hybrids is literally the only difference between this rp and a normal Undertale rp.


Well in that case:

Happy Skyler

Located in Water Falls

Age is Unknown

His personality is very similar to Asriel but way more energetic and always positive with the huge smile he always gives off.

Happy is of the Monster race

Speech Font is Arial

Uses a Stardust Hammer as a catalyst for most of his magic. However, he only summons it when in great danger.

{{{Purrfect Spam}}}
Fairly quick. Swings hammer three times, each summoning a star barrage from the dust left behind from the swing.

{{{Comet Spin}}}
(1) Spins around with hammer in one location or (2) swings along the box like a pin ball targeting the foe. (1) Stars fly around and when hitting the sides of the box summons two more smaller stars and when those hit the sides of the box summon a patience shockwave (Which the foe can’t move or they take damage). (2) Every time Happy hits the sides of the box, it summons patience shockwaves.

Happy is also able to summon wings on his back for air based attacks. He usually uses these moves first.

{{{Star Bomb}}}
Happy turns the foes soul blue, then flies around constantly in shuttle loops trying to ram the foe.

{{{Grand Star}}}
Happy does slower shuttle loops while the foes soul is normal and he eventually gets faster. After a select time, he flies up and tries one final time to hit the foe from above.

{{{Sky Bomb}}}
This moves can be used before Happy attacks or after Happy attacks, as if this is a quick move. Attempts to grab foe quickly at the start of the turn for an all or nothing situation. If he does do so, he will carry the foe up as high as he can and then fly down, releasing them into the ground. He can twirl around doing only having the damage but having a 50% chance to make the foe dizzy, skipping there turn.

Happy is also able to use both at the same time.

{{{Galactic Slam}}}
Happy flies out to unreachable heights, then flies down at amazing speed, slamming the box, shaking it making it if a foe is touching the sides, they get hurt constantly. If hit directly by the hammer, the foe takes human goes damage or just straight up faints. The slam also creates a volley of 10 shockwaves that are orange or blue.

Normal Battle Theme

When Hammer is out
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