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Rounded Tile Corners


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So, I was pondering this for a while now. We have Slanted Tiles now since 1.2, and upside down slanted tiles recently. During a build, I had an idea about something new to implement regarding an extra function.

I propose an implementation of a system, where we have the ability round a tiles corner in the shape of a quarter circle. Much like this:

Let me use another example of how it would look. I'll show the subtle difference this makes in an overall room / house design.

You can see that the design flow is a little smoother.

However though, I think if this system were to be implemented, it would be foolish to add the ability to hammers in addition to slanting, because you'd be adding another 4 clicks to make a specific design. How about a more practical approach by adding an item made to do such a task.

Sandpaper: Sold by Merchant for 1 Gold.
Tooltip: Rounds a selected tile's corner.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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