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Drawings & Paintings RPG character request thread


The Destroyer
So, lately, I've been designing my own RPG. I need more practice designing characters, so anyone can request anything for any generic RPG. A few rules: Please be specific when requesting, or if you want me to come up with a weapon, armor, etc., just tell me what you want me to design- for example, if you want to request a scout with light weapons, but you're unsure of what light weapon you want, just say "A scout (details such as gender, species, color scheme if you want, etc.) with a light weapon. Another thing is that I don't design "metal underwear" characters- all my drawings are going to be modestly dressed. I use two templates (thanks to nemahii-san in deviantart for the dynamic female pose), and I draw armor/clothing on them. A few samples of my characters(click for full size):
zzzRPG character halfdragon1.jpgzzzRPG character halfdragon2.jpgzzzRPG dragon wings.jpgzzzRPG halfdragon flamethrower.jpg
zzzRPG character exoskeleton.jpg
zzzRPG character spartacus1.jpgzzzRPG character spartacus.jpg
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