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WIP Rune Caves - The Home of the Rune Wizard


Empress of Light
We know the Rune Wizard, right? Ever wondered, where this bad guy comes from? I mean, he appears and attacks you! So, where do he come from? He comes from the...


The Rune Cave is an mini-biome, which will spawn on World Generating. In Pre-Hardmode, this mini-biome is kinda useless (Althrough you still get something), but in Hardmode... Things get harder.

First, the Rune Wizard has an increased chance to spawn in here. But he will only spawn in hardmode.
Rune Slime
50 HP
Normal Slime AI.
Will drop 1-2 Gel, as well 0-1 Rune Gel.

"The Little Brother of TIm and the Rune Wizard"
Shoots weaker Rune Shots at you.
80 HP
Rune Wizard AI.
Can drop the Rune Spell.


Rune Wizard
200 HP
Nothing changed.
Drops "Magican"

Elementary Wizard
1000 HP
Shoots Tim's and the Rune Wizards Magic Shots.
Can drop the Rune Staff or the Ocean Bolt.

Rune Spell
Shoots Rune Shots
25 magic damage
2% critical strike chance
Average speed
Good knockback
Uses 6 mana

Yo-Yo which will shoot bouncing rune shots.
47 melee damage
4% critical strike chance
Fast speed
Weak knockback

Rune Staff
Stronger version of the Rune Spell.
40 magic damage
5% critical strike chance
Very fast speed (Autoshoot)
Strong knockback

Ocean Bolt
Stronger Water Bolt
34 magic damage
9% critical strike chance
Very fast speed (Autoshoot)
Good knockback

Rune Torch
Made with Wood and Rune Gel.
Emits an yellow-orange glowing.

Small things:
There are no Blocks for this biome. It will have an yellow-gem background and it will glow in the dark.

So, that's it!
Suggest some changes!
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